• Melodic Vocal Pack Volume 1


    Melodic Vocal Sample Pack Vol. 1

    Are you a producer in need of vocal samples?

    Are you a DJ in need of drops?

    Are you an artist in need of melodic ideas?

    Here you will find my R&B/Pop/Dance Vocal Pack with vocal samples that you can use in your beats, DJ mixes, and recording projects. You can get 210 vocal samples including sung phrases in every key and 50 spoken phrases with the full vocal pack!

    My major vocal samples will work well with happy and emotionally upbeat moods for your audio project. Major acapella vocals work especially well for children's songs.

    My minor vocal samples will work well with sad and emotionally intense moods for your audio project. 

    My spoken phrases work well for beats, DJ drops, and artists in need of a simple voice feature to complement their vocals. 

    210 Vocal Samples - $39.99


  • All Vocals will be sent Acapella and raw as WAV files seperately. Each key includes 10 vocal files. 50 vocals in this pack are spoken only. Some vocals may have light EQ and pitch effects. All vocals in the pack are royalty-free after purchase. Vocals can be transposed to fit a different key than listed. Downloaded vocals will be labeled by tempo and key. Vocals may contain mild profanity. If you are under the age of 13, please get permission from a parent or guardian before purchase.
  • FAQ

    Will the vocal samples come with the backing music heard in the examples? 

    No, your vocal files will be acapella and only have the music in the background for my example audio. 

    Can I use the vocals in my song releases for iTunes, Spotify, etc?

    Yes, you can use these samples for your releases if you have rightfully purchased them. 

    What recording equipment was used for these samples?

    Audio Technica 4040 Condenser Mic, Logic Pro, Mbox Mini, Audio-Technica ATH-M50 Headphones, ARF-27 V.3 Flex Model Ambient Room Filter

    What styles of music are these appropriate for?

    Styles can include Hip Hop, R&B, Jazz, Soul, and Pop.