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    My History With Singing

    Being a singer has been a part of my identity for as long as I could remember. I grew up surrounded by talented family members who would often sing at church, in school, and in local competitions. I quickly followed suit and began to really train my vocal capabilities at the early age of 9. 

    Throughout my preteen and teen years, I was blessed to be able to receive formal music training through private voice lessons, many choirs, and solo performance opportunities, and even music business knowledge education at Jacksonville Univerisity.

    While I was slowly getting more and more experience through school, church, and local singing opportunities, I was also putting in several hours of music creation from my (at first very simple) home studio setup, often releasing material and collaborating with dozens of creators around the world under the name Rachel Marie. 

    In 2018, I decided to rebrand and begin a full-time journey into the world of session singing. Many aren't sure exactly what a session singer is, but it's basically a singer with studio access that is hired to provide high-quality vocals for a variety of musical projects. 

    How I Can Offer You Singing Help

    In my early singing years, I would find gigs and connections through social media and word of mouth. More recently, I've decided to fully delve into singing and writing on 'work for hire' projects full time with Freelance sites like Fiverr and Airgigs. 

    I've sung music in many popular styles that include R&B, Pop, Gospel, Hip Hop, EDM, House, Jazz, Funk, and much more. I look forward to lending my vocals to tons of different projects in the future.

    If you're looking for soulful vocals with a wide range of dynamic styles, check out my samples and get in touch!

    Contact Me Here for us to talk about your project details.

    Some of My Favorite Singing Examples 

    While I tend to enjoy the challenge of any project I lend my expertise to, there are some projects that really stand out to me as some of my best singing. I'd like to show you a few of them to give you a good idea of what I can offer you. 

    Genre: Neo-Soul

    This one is near and dear to my heart as the first neo-soul song that I've written and is still in my top 5 favorite songs ever. Thanks to this killer J-Dilla beat and a good old friend in the DC area that I connected with via Twitter, we made some magic that went viral years ago. 

    Genre: Future-Soul

    This is the ultimate favorite song that I've written under my old name, Rachel Marie. This is also the track that went the most viral under my old name! I was hugely blessed to come randomly across the talented and epic producer Eli Way and Night Owl Collective label on Soundcloud while I was simply searching for new music to dance to during my workouts. 

    Genre: Classic Soul
    I've done a lot of gigs with some killer beats that my clients have given to me, but nothing has stood out to me and allowed me to really get vocally intune with instrumentation like my work with Band of Pockets. The authenticity of the music really brings out the vibe in this favorite of mine!
  • Recent Reviews:


    Omg Yona is sensational!I needed a soul goddess to complete the vocals for my latest disco/funky/pop tune.Fiverr delivered her straight to me.No need to over explain anything...Yona understood it all & even gave me more than was expected.A true pro.On time in every sense of the word.She has added the varnish & my song now sparkles.Can't wait to work with her again.....bring it on!


    Fantastic communication , faster singer, I went through a few others on here before asking Rachel if she was interested, I was not disappointed at all, definitely recommend using her Steve (Groove Technicians)


    First, she has a beautiful voice! And she took my lyrics and arranged them beautifully to match the music track. She delivered on time and her work was high quality. Would definitely recommend and I hope to work with her in the future. She rocks!


    Another amazing delivery by Yonamarie. This girl not only sings like an Angel but also delivers great Lyrics. Will definitely keep using her services in the future.


    She delivered with right vocals for my track! Thank you for pulling off those extra subtle Brandy-esque adlibs for this 90's inspired beat.


    Yona's vocals are over the top. She is so versatile, talented, and so easy to work with! She's my first choice!!! I highly recommend her!!


    Amazing as always!! She's the first one I think of when I need substance added to a track.


    Beautiful work AS ALWAYS. Seller made the track even better than expected and incorporated the revisions quickly & perfectly. 5 Stars AS ALWAYS!


    Amazing. She nailed exactly the vibe I was going for, and executed it perfectly. A+