• Yona's Story

    22977fd25a1c9eb7d0c60a8bf00bea49.pngThanks for visiting my site! I'm Yona Marie, a musician, and marketer who has a passion for creating content. I love singing and writing music. I've been creating songs for over 15 years and have no intention of stopping any time soon. I sing anything that matches well with soul singing. That can include Hip Hop, Funk, R&B, House, Jazz, and much more.

    I studied music professionally at Hyattsville Middle School, Suitland High School, and Jacksonville University. I originally majored in Vocal Performance at JU, but I switched my major to Music Business after my first two semesters in order to add space for my growing passion for marketing. 

    When I'm not nerding out over music and marketing, I love spending time with my family, friends, and my fiance. I'm also big on movies, shows, and books, including comic book storylines and anime. I'm obsessed with sci-fi fantasy stories. Outside of entertainment, I'm on a never-ending journey to becoming the best version of myself each and every day. I want to take more risks. I want to push past my anxieties and my fears to make a positive impact on other's lives. 

  • Site Origin Story

    Although I did sporadic work for producers and artists as far back as 2009, I officially started my session singing (studio singing) work-for-hire gigs in 2018. This exciting career journey brought me a ton of new relationships, connections, and creative projects that sometimes were out of my scope of knowledge. I found myself engaging in a ton of research in the world of singing, writing, promoting, music business, and artist development topics. 

    To my surprise, a lot of sites I found through google were giving me thin, outdated, or sometimes plain wrong information. With extra effort and other resources like video and book content, I was able to find mostly all the answers to my questions, but I couldn't believe there was so much helpful content that the music niche was lacking. 

    I had experience with content writing for several brands in the past, so I decided I wanted to take my skills and create a new brand for myself. With this site, I decided that I would create hundreds of blogs that give free informational content to musicians like me who need facts, advice, and ideas that would help further their efforts in their musical journey. 

    I also wanted to take it a step further and allow my current and potential song clients to be able to reach me easily here. I do most of my studio work through freelance sites, but creating a space for my clients and me to build and collaborate specifically to our project needs has been very beneficial. 

    Last but not least, I want people who enjoy my personal music releases to be able to connect with me and easily find all of the songs that I've written and published as Yona Marie and as Rachel Marie. In addition to song releases, I will be sharing a podcast, interviews, photos, music videos, and merchandise all here at Yona Marie Music.