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    Tuesday March 5 2024, 3:45 PM
    Singing Vowels When it comes to learning the foundation of singing, there are 5 vowels you want to focus on, which can be helpful for tons of different genres and languages across the board.  Vocal coaches often use these vowels in...
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    Tuesday February 27 2024, 4:15 PM
    Semi-Occluded Vocal Tract Exercises (SOVT) Semi-occluded vocal tract exercises (SOVT) are a group of voice therapy or vocal training techniques that involve partially blocking the exit of air from the mouth or nose to create back pressure....
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    Tuesday February 20 2024, 3:15 PM
    How To Growl Sing  Singing with a bit of growl in your tone comes with a bit of practice for most; it won't sound great the first few times you try it. Trust me, I've been through the process before, and I started out sounding like a weird...
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    Monday January 29 2024, 4:45 PM
    Whistle Tone Register There's a lot of power and mystery surrounding the whistle tone register, and for a good reason. Singing this high and sounding great while doing so is something like a superpower.  The whistle tone register, also...
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    Wednesday January 17 2024, 4:00 PM
    How To Make Your Voice Clear For Singing Singing with restrictions is one of the most annoying processes you can go through as a performer. You've practiced, you've learned your craft, and you've chosen a great song, yet some stuff in your...
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