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    My History With Jingles

    As a seasoned singer, songwriter, and composer, my father would always tell his 3 singing daughters how cool it was if he or all of us would start a jingle business. Although the plan to actually get businesses exposed to our talents was never clear, we would always joke around the house and come up with short jingles based on commercials we saw that had jingles that were 'lacking'. 

    Funny enough, when I really delved into the process of marketing myself as a session singer and writer 3 years ago, one of my first clients was interested in knowing if I could pull off a jingle. I was completely honest about not having much previous experience with full productions including instrumentation, writing, and singing for a business, although I had made several full productions for my own music career. 

    Once I took on the project, I realized that this was even better for me than making my own full productions! I absolutely love the process of creating short songs from scratch to fit the message of my client's businesses. 

    How I Can Offer Your Business Great Branding

    A business with a catchy jingle is one that potential customers won't be able to forget. Whether you have a fully fleshed-out idea, or you're looking for me to create some magic simply by giving me your business details, I am here to help your brand take things to the next level!

    I've created jingles in many popular styles that include R&B, Pop, Hip Hop, EDM, House, and more. I look forward to lending my production, writing, and vocals to tons of different projects in the future.

    If you're looking for soulful vocals, original urban beats, and catchy writing to capture the mood of your brand, you're in the right place!

    Contact Me Here for us to talk about your project details.

    Some of My Favorite Jingle Examples 

    While I tend to enjoy the challenge of any project I lend my expertise to, there are some projects that really stand out to me as some of my best writing and production. I'd like to show you a few of them to give you a good idea of what I can offer you. 


    Genre: R&B

    This one is one of my older projects that still stand out to me since it gets stuck in my head so easily. I was super excited to be able to work with a body positivity brand by the name of Curvy Dolls. Be on the lookout for their upcoming product releases!

    Genre: Dance/Pop

    This is the ultimate cheeky song that stands out to me not only because of the drink name, but the whole vibe of the brand was so fun and sexy! The good folks over at Bubble Butt even sent me a hefty supply of hard seltzer to share with my friends and family that tastes amazing. 

    Genre: Pop

    I've done a good amount of jingles in the health niche, but this simple and uplifting creation is one of my favorites that also pops up into my head at random times. I was able to easily tap into a good mindset for this since I was just starting an intense weight loss and dieting phase during this project.