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    As a session singer, writer, and producer that has worked with over 200 clients to provide high-quality jingles, singles, features, nursery rhymes, and DJ drops, I currently spend my time engulfed in creating music, marketing music, and helping artists and musicians who share a similar plight of trying to make their way through an ever-changing music world.

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    Feedback On Melodic Writing

    Good songs have well-crafted melodies that are often catchy as well.

    Again, catchiness isn’t required, but many good songs have unique melodies that still feel familiar to the listener's ear. Good melody lines feel just right, as if the song was made 100% as it was intended to be from the start. 

    A great melody line also fits the lyrics in a good song very smoothly, emphasizing the right syllables that would flow well, sung or spoken.

    Good songs often pair their melody well with the emotional beats of the lyrics, highlighting key points in the words with dynamically appropriate melodies that you feel right in your soul.

    The singer doesn’t need to be the best in order to do the song justice. As long as the singer is in the right key and hitting most of the right notes, a good song’s melody speaks for itself. 

    Feedback On Lyricism

    One of the first things you think of when creating a good song is the lyrical content. Your song lyrics are the heart and driving force of emotion and energy that makes or breaks the quality. Good song lyrics are relatable, catchy, and often affect listeners emotionally.

    Some good song lyrics are basic, while others are profound. Both types require skill, although many will say that good music must include a song that has a deep message. But it’s not true, “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” is a banger!

    Good song lyrics often follow a catchy rhyming scheme that is fluid and sonically pleasing line after line.

    You could have a good song topic but not have the writing skills to turn your words into good lyrics. Your lyrics should also flow well with the next element of a song: the melodic line. 

    Feedback On Rhythm

    Many hip-hop songs don’t include good melodic lines and solely rely on lyrics and rhythms to make the song magical. While it seems like a challenge, combining your lyrics with rhythmic phrasing is a great way to start writing a song.

    For some songwriters, melodic and rhythmic ideas come at the same time, but for others, they’re basically writing raps or poetry first. 

    For your lyrical poetry to flow in song format and sound good, you will want to have several different rhythmic phrases that complement each other well. You want it to be catchy but not too repetitive.

    For example, most good songs don’t use the same rhythmic flow for the verses and the verses in the chorus. Many verses change the melodic lines' rhythms at least once to keep the listener on their toes. 

    Feedback On Technique

    All good musicians take the journey far past the point of just having a decent amount of skill in order to truly become good. You can't just have the basics of something and automatically master good musical ability, no matter how many natural talents are in the mix.

    Ever heard of putting in your 10,000 hours to become good at something? What hour are you on in your journey to become good? I'd like to see how good your technical performance is in terms of musicality. 

    Feedback On Vocal Performance

    Good vocal performers are able to identify and sing the right pitches when performing a song. Getting your voice on the same page as your ear is critical in becoming a good singer.

    It's one thing to be able to hear the right pitches to sing, but another thing to be able to control your vocals enough to be able to hit the right notes consistently. Control is all about consistency here, and that applies to even rappers who need to have control over their tone to move their phrases along with the right energy. 

    Feedback On Song Structure

    A good song has a structure that captures and keeps the attention of the listener. Good songs don’t need to have common song structures, but the structure does need to make sense and flow well.

    Most good songs have a recurring hook that comes back at least twice before the song is over. Many good songs also have at least two verses that showcase the writer’s lyrical skills. 

    Other common song elements include an intro, an outro, a bridge, a breakdown, a pre-chorus, and a vamp. There are thousands of ways to structure a song that all makes perfect sense.

    As long as the song feels cohesive when performed or sung, it has the potential to be good or even great. 

    Feedback On Audio Quality

    Some artists and bands opt to mix and master songs on their own by playing around with things to their liking and using automatic mastering services that can be found online.

    While this is better than nothing, it will still likely not be enough to make the song sound professional. Songs that don't meet a certain quality standard will not make it far with promotions online, on radio, and streaming platforms. 

    Mixing is the more extensive side of the coin regarding audio engineering services. The process of mixing involves blending each and every track with minor tweaks and effects added to get a cohesive sound overall.

    You want each track to be able to be heard yet mesh with the other instruments and vocals in a way that fits well within the genre of music.

    Mixing services require much more time and expertise than mastering services. You want to find someone really skilled in your genre that has a lot of experience under their belt.

    Feedback On Instrumental Quality

    Depending on your genre of music, instrumentation can play a huge role in how good an overall song is.

    Those who call themselves music producers in the pop, hip-hop, R&B, and dance world are responsible for arranging and creating the instrumentation, which can often be way more effort than the lead performer will need to put in.

    For genres like rock, blues, and folk music, the instrumentation is up to live performers who must have the same amount of musicality that the lead or the sum of the group has to have an overall appealing sound.

    Having a great overall band but a bad drummer can absolutely make a song fall apart. Singing with a magical voice over an out-of-tune sounding beat that has a terrible mix cal also absolutely make a song fall apart. 

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