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    Introducing "The #1 Online Music Marketing Manual"

    Radio Shows
    Licensin Companies
    Publishing Companies
    Promotion Channels
    DJ Pools

    No Mysterious Email Blasts

    I openly share the companies I connect with for promotional opportunities with like-minded talent! You don’t have to deal with other promo services claiming to send you thousands of inactive company emails; you’ll have full access to real company sites promoting indie talent in real time. You'll be able to submit music to blogs, radio shows, and similar channels with a much higher chance of being seen. Email blasts are usually sent straight to people's junk folders or worse: emails that don't even exist!

    No Hidden Submission Fees

    I do my best to find opportunities that don’t require submission fees! I may post paid opportunities but only if they seem like very golden things I would want to submit to myself. 

    Only $9.99/month

    Coming Soon: Release Date: 5/16/23