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    Join my free course that will help you create, record, promote, and protect your music. At Yona University, you will find resources, apps, sites, and companies that can help accelerate your music career!
    Start for free and get access to dozens of places to submit to now!

    VIP members will also have access to submit to over 1500 contacts, including:

    Radio Shows
    Licensin Companies
    Publishing Companies
    Promotion Channels
    DJ Pools

    No Mysterious Email Blasts

    I openly share the companies I connect with for promotional opportunities with like-minded talent! You don’t have to deal with other promo services claiming to send you thousands of inactive company emails; you’ll have full access to real company sites promoting indie talent in real time. You'll be able to submit music to blogs, radio shows, and similar channels with a much higher chance of being seen. Email blasts are usually sent straight to people's junk folders or worse, emails that don't even exist!

    No Hidden Submission Fees

    I do my best to find opportunities that don’t require submission fees! I may post paid opportunities, but only if they seem like very golden things I would want to submit to myself. 

    Valuable And Up-To-Date Guidance In The Industry

    In the midst of all the confusion, there are a few artists and musicians (like you and I) who spend a little extra time on their vision and release magic that actually gets noticed. For a successful vision to become a reality, you need to have the right information.

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