• Podcast Intro Music

    My History With Youtube and Podcast Intro Music

    While podcasts got really popular in the mid-2010s, I would often find some friends and associates ask me here and there asking if I could do their intro songs. This was the period right before I officially got into jingles, so I would tell them it wasn’t really my specialty l, fearing there was too much to create a full production that I didn’t have enough experience in yet. Part of me knew I could probably pull it off, but the other part of me wanted to be sure I could pull it off professionally and not just in an ‘almost’ professional manner with shoddy mixing and songs that don’t perfectly fit the vibes of the podcasts.

    Naturally, I was selling myself short, and it wouldn’t have hurt to start the journey that I’m on now a few years earlier! Once I got comfortable creating jingles for clients with businesses in many types of niches, I noticed a surge in requests for podcast and YouTube channel intros. I thought to myself, “Yeah I should have been doing this!”

    How I Can Help Your Podcast Or Channel

    There are so many podcasts and channels out there, but not many with amazing intros that catch a new listers interest right off the bat. I can provide you with high-quality original music for your show in genres that include R&B, Gospel, Pop, Hip Hop, and EDM.

    While this service is almost indistinguishable from my jingles, there is one key difference that sets these projects apart from traditional jingles: they often need an intro and outro that both compliment each other. Reach out to me to discuss if an intro/outro combo will work for your show!

    Some of My Favorite Intros

    LovelyTi is my girl! She really breaks down the tea in the streets in a very entertaining way to her Youtube audience and she has such great energy! I had the pleasure of working on a few jingles with her, and this is one of the latest ones we did together that I really enjoyed creating. 

    Genre: R&B

     I had so much fun creating this one, especially the ending part! We both agreed that the mood I set with the production really fit his style, almost too well. David was an absolute pleasure to work with and I really enjoy the format of his show, you should tune in! 

    Genre: Sensual R&B

    I really enjoyed the sexiness of this project! Slow R&B is probably my favorite style to create, so the sensual jams come very easy flowing to me. Warning, this is a slightly NSFW, but it's a very tasteful visual in my opinion, with a great introduction to the X Files featuring Kennykaay.

    Genre: R&B
    The Feeling Cozy Podcast is one of my earlier projects that showed me I had the potential to really get into intro music creation for the long run. It most encompasses my best style (which is R&B if you couldn't tell) and really stands out to me as the time were I started gaining confidence in this new endeavor.