Music Puzzles: 13 Puzzles For Music Lovers Tuesday November 1 2022, 7:45 PM
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Music Puzzles: 13 Puzzles For Music Lovers

Best Music Puzzles 

If you like doing puzzles, you've probably noticed how there aren't that many ones that have music-related themes for you to buy.

The best way to find puzzles that relate to the music world is to shop online so that you have access to tons of different sellers that can ship straight to you.

Puzzles are always fun for everyone, but they also tend to make great decor pieces. I particularly love how great complete puzzles work for music studio decor when you are lucky enough to find the perfect design for your aesthetic needs. 

Whether you are looking to find a puzzle for yourself, a kid, or you're more interested in a unique idea for your music-themed room, check out some of these top-rated puzzles on Amazon below!

They are all pretty darn affordable when you think about how most of them come with 500-1000 pieces. 

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Day At The Festival Puzzle

Here's a great puzzle that would also make a good choice for decor. It's great for musicians and music enthusiasts alike who just appreciate the art form and aren't looking for anything too technical. 

White Mountain Puzzles Music

This is another great choice for a music lover who truly enjoys the art of pop music culture. It would fit well in any room when it comes to decor choices since it features a variety of different colors.

Country Music Jigsaw Puzzle

This puzzle is for my country music lovers out there who are dedicated to the genre! It has 1000 pieces and covers tons of memories in the country music world.

White Mountain Puzzles Rock 'N Roll

There are many rock puzzles available, but this is one of the most well-rounded when it comes to including some of the greats in the music world. The brightness and art form used in this one really makes a good dedication to the music world.

Instruments Of The Orchestra Puzzle

Here's a great puzzle for those who play and//or appreciate some of the greatest instruments known to man that is often featured in orchestras. This puzzle makes a great accurate resource for those who are studying the world of classical music.

Piatnik Musical Notes

Here's another option for those who may be more advanced in the world of classical music appreciation and performance. For those who have an appreciation for sheet music like I do, this is a great choice for a complex puzzle!

Feeling Groovy Music Room Puzzle

This puzzle is the type to stand out to all types of crowds and ages since it has a little bit for everyone in it. It will really stand out to instrument lovers who can benefit from the vibrance of the colors and detail featured in this one! 

Music Fine Art Modern Jigsaw Puzzle

Here's another artsy, vibrant, and challenging puzzle option that would make for great decor once you're finished with it. It looks even better if you frame it!

Mixtapes 1000 Piece Puzzle

This 1000-piece jigsaw puzzle is simple yet complex at the same time, featuring many different cassette tape colors that would work well for those who were really digging the 80s and 90s music scene.

DIY Music Box 3D Wooden Puzzle

Here's a unique 3D puzzle that would work great for a present if you're gifting it to an adult, a teen, or a child! It also makes for a great decor piece that would set off any desk or table perfectly. It plays music as well!

Anatolian Colored of Music Jigsaw Puzzle

This would make a great choice for those who are huge fans of the guitar. The color scheme also brings brightness and can make almost any color room seem more musically magical.

Greatest Rock Albums Puzzle

Here's another great choice for rock music lovers that comes in the unique shape of a music record. This is my top choice for studio decor after this beauty has been put together!

Guitar Tree Landscape Wall

And lastly, here's a solid choice that works equally well in visual and music art. It has 500 pieces in total and could make a stunning piece of art in almost any room. It's a well-worth-it challenge!

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