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    I'm Yona Marie (A.K.A Rachel Marie), a music artist from the Washington, DC area. Sign Up as a fan to stream and download my songs for free! I currently work as a studio singer, producer, and songwriter for musicians, artists, and businesses in need of some creative expertise. Contact Me if you are a potential client looking for help with your upcoming project!

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  • Sunday January 29 2023, 10:00 PM
    What Is A Breakdown In Music? Depending on what genre of music we're talking about, a breakdown can mean a variety of different things. But overall, a breakdown section of a song is when many of the instruments are stripped away to provide a...
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    Saturday January 28 2023, 10:30 PM
    What Is The Meaning Of Tone Deaf? Being tone-deaf means exactly what it sounds like it means, and it is not a fun thing to be if you are trying to study the art of music.  People who are tone-deaf are not able to process the pitches the...
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    Thursday January 26 2023, 8:30 PM
    What Is The Fundamental Frequency In Music? When it comes to audio terms in the world of music, getting to the science behind sound waves and pitch can literally make your brain explode. It's great for the geniuses out there to go and explore...
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    Thursday January 26 2023, 1:00 AM
    Dating A Musician If you're into musicians or similar artists, you are in for a treat and a hell of a crazy ride at the same time. Us musicians can be extremely creative and exciting partners, but we are not for everyone.  I dated a few...
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    Tuesday January 24 2023, 11:15 PM
    Rap Song Topics People love to focus on developing their image, getting the best beats, and making money as rappers, but what about the simple joys of developing your own lyrical story for your songs? How do you even start that process?...
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  • "Yona Marie has such a smooth lustrous voice that flows like a waterfall. Unff. She could sing the alphabet song and make it golden..."

    Josephine L, Critic

    "Wow. Through every single song, Yona Marie just oozes soul and passion. I love her soft, almost whispery, crooning style that she exhibits in each and every track...."

    Banger Of The Day

    "...She has great RnB songs that tell a story and connect with listeners who share similar experiences in their life's journey. It's not hard to feel like a song off of her album is speaking to you directly."

    56 Trackstarters

    "RnB music has been making a comeback lately; Yona is one of the ones innovating under the radar! And that's exactly what the music industry is needing right now: good ole' innovation."

    Remix Kings of the South

    "It's hard to find quality Rnb music these days since everybody is on this lit but lazy sing-rap wave (lol), but some people are still making good Rnb songs on places like SoundCloud and Reverbnation. I came across Yona Marie and discovered a whole bunch of gems."

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