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    I'm Yona Marie (A.K.A Rachel Marie), a music artist from the Washington, DC area. Sign Up as a fan to stream and download my songs for free! I currently work as a studio singer, producer, and songwriter for musicians, artists, and businesses in need of some creative expertise. Contact Me if you are a potential client looking for help with your upcoming project!

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  • Thursday November 10 2022, 8:15 PM
    The Best Violin Jokes  If you're a violinist with a sense of humor, you've likely noticed how there aren't enough good jokes out there floating around about this instrument in particular. People have jokes about pianos and guitars, but not...
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    Tuesday November 8 2022, 11:00 PM
    How Much Do Songwriters Make? We tend to think of an artist of a band when it comes to a song, one person that really makes the magic behind a track is often a songwriter. Those who call themselves songwriters are responsible for arranging...
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    Monday November 7 2022, 11:45 PM
    The Story Behind "Follow Me" By Uncle Kracker "Follow Me" by Uncle Kracker is one of those timeless songs that can resonate with a ton of different people across the world. It was a worldwide hit in 2001 and charted in over five different...
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    Sunday November 6 2022, 11:15 PM
    Guitar Facts Although the modern guitar is a more recent creation when it comes to music history, there are some surprising facts about the creation of the guitar that goes back almost 1000 years ago. Are you looking for some interesting...
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    Saturday November 5 2022, 6:30 PM
    House Of The Rising Sun Origins Here's another one of those timeless songs that have been around for over a century, yet no one knows who actually wrote it. It gives off a soulful and folksy vibe at the same time, and many music history...
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  • "Yona Marie has such a smooth lustrous voice that flows like a waterfall. Unff. She could sing the alphabet song and make it golden..."

    Josephine L, Critic

    "Wow. Through every single song, Yona Marie just oozes soul and passion. I love her soft, almost whispery, crooning style that she exhibits in each and every track...."

    Banger Of The Day

    "...She has great RnB songs that tell a story and connect with listeners who share similar experiences in their life's journey. It's not hard to feel like a song off of her album is speaking to you directly."

    56 Trackstarters

    "RnB music has been making a comeback lately; Yona is one of the ones innovating under the radar! And that's exactly what the music industry is needing right now: good ole' innovation."

    Remix Kings of the South

    "It's hard to find quality Rnb music these days since everybody is on this lit but lazy sing-rap wave (lol), but some people are still making good Rnb songs on places like SoundCloud and Reverbnation. I came across Yona Marie and discovered a whole bunch of gems."

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