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    Would you like to know where you stand in terms of your musical craft?

    I'd love to hear your latest songs and provide you with detailed and constructive feedback. Send your song if you would like to get a professional opinion on your song specific to your technique, interpretation, audio quality, and more!

    As a session singer, writer, and producer that has worked with over 200 clients to provide high-quality jingles, singles, features, nursery rhymes, and DJ drops, I currently spend my time engulfed in creating music, marketing music, and helping artists and musicians who share a similar plight of trying to make their way through an ever-changing music world.

    Read more about my professional expertise and hear some of my work here.

    I place all talent into 4 categories:

    Level 1 (Newbie), Level 2 (Decent), Level 3 (Good), and Level 4 (Great)

    Level 4 rated applicants will receive free song advertising here on my feedback page for one week!


  • Featured Song (This Is What Level 4 Sounds Like!)

  • Get Your Song Reviewed Now For $9!

    *Your critique delivery will be sent via email in 1-3 days.

    *Free advertising may be given to multiple songs at once depending on the number of level 4 submissions.