Performance Outfits Women - Ideas That You Could Rock Thursday September 16 2021, 11:26 PM
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Performance Outfits Women - Ideas That You Could Rock

Performance Outfits For Singers 

When I'm planning to do a show, I always feel like I want to think a little outside of the box and shop online for something to wear instead of shopping at a local store. Even though online shopping is far more common now than it was in my teens, I feel like taking a risk and getting something edgy from an online shop gives me motivation and excitement for the performance day. And I always got compliments when I did rock something from my online shopping!

If you have luck with finding the right size when you shop, consider some of these performance outfit ideas that I've seen on Amazon. Yes, I know, Amazon is not edgy, but they deliver fast outfits my way if I'm in a pinch less than a week before a show. Plus, you don't need to get anything from Amazon, you can use these style ideas and shop the way you want to shop whether it be local or another online store. 

Classy Performance Outfits For Female Singers


Edgy Performance Outfits For Female Singers

Sexy Performance Outfits For Female Singers 

How Do You Give A Good Stage Performance?

To give a good performance, make sure you're very prepared. Be sure you've memorized the words fully, you've practice how you will move around the stage, and you're connecting with the song in a way that the audience will feel your authenticity. Also, being confident on stage goes a long way. 

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How Can I Be Confident While Performing?

Building confidence for your performance is all about having a good mindset. Most people suffer from stage fright when performing or speaking, so the first thing you should know is that you're not alone when it comes to anxiety. Celebrities and millionaires get nervous all of the time before big shows and speeches. We all have fears about embarrassment, but some people, like me, get it so bad that it can take away from the performance. Even worse, it can take away from your peace of mind before and after the performance. 

If your confidence levels aren't where you want them to be, there are several different mindsets that can help you get the same type of confidence you would have at home in front of the mirror by yourself. Read More About Building Confidence On Stage.

What Colors Look Good On Stage?

Balck or white is a way to play it safe, especially if you're doing a very small performance, but if you're going big, don't settle for a neutral color. These also don't pop on the camera well at all and you will need some great makeup and lighting to make it look great.

Jewel tones including, teal, emerald green, purple, and sapphire blue are very saturated colors that stand out in a great way. These colors look really good on stage and on camera, so go for one of these to be safe. These colors also work great on stage with a variety of different skin tones. 


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