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Best Gifts For Piano Players

Gifts For A Piano Player

Pianists love receiving nerdy gifts related to their piano playing and music in general! You don’t have to get them anything crazy like a whole new piano, but there are plenty of options when it comes to gifts that they will truly appreciate.

The key to getting a good piano-related gift is to figure out what type of gift will fit the pianist at their current stage.

For example, you wouldn’t want to get an advanced piano player something that would suit a beginner or a child pianist. Check out my recommendations below!

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Gifts For Advanced Classical Pianists

Advanced Classical Pianists will not want to receive your music theory basics gift. They might actually be offended if you try to gift them something that will better suit and newbie in the piano world.

In classical and jazz settings, pianists can get pretty deep in skill and musical knowledge, so don't try to get them gifts that you wouldn't understand, but they might.

The best option for advanced pianists would be things they regularly need to buy or a gift that can help them with something more abstract, like inspiration to keep doing the great things that they do. 

Gifts For Beginner Piano Players

On the opposite end, you want to give beginner pianists tools that will help them along their musical journey. Inspiration will also work well for them, but it will really warm their hearts by gifting them with something that will help them become better musicians.

The key here is to make sure you're getting them a helpful tool that they probably haven't seen or heard of before.

Books work really well for beginner pianists as gifts since many books cover the same info but provide unique ways of teaching that will reinforce their skills for them in a variety of different ways when they get the same knowledge from different teachers. 

Gifts For Young Pianists 

Many young pianists will benefit from beginner pianist gifts as well, like books, but the key here is to go for something bright and child-friendly.

At this stage, the young pianist may have developed a genuine passion for their skills, but a lot of times, the parents are just nudging the child along and would love if you could help them get excited about the gift of music in general. 

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Gifts For Adult Pianists

The great thing about adult pianists, whether they are beginners or advanced, is that you can buy cheeky gifts that only adults will understand and appreciate and expect great feedback in return.

Many gifts that include adult humor and or adult application in the real world are available for pianists at affordable prices. 

Simple Gifts That Will Suit Any Pianist

Everyone likes a simple gift that will be a small token of appreciation that is still pretty decently thought out. Simple is good when you're not sure how to read the level where your pianist friend or family member is.

Think clothes, decor, and household items with music and piano designs. Here are some affordable gifts that will work for kids, adults, advanced players, and novices. 

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