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Gift Ideas For Music Producers They Will Love

Gifts For Music Producers

Christmas is coming at us fast! Birthdays are year-round! What will you get for your friend or cousin that loves making beats and won't really like traditional gifts for musicians?

Music producers will appreciate modern gifts and edgy designs that you will want to make sure you impress them with.

Avoid gifts that have dated designs and gifts that may be too specific, like a DAW or plugin that your music producer friend either has already or doesn't want. It's best to go simple and general when it comes to this gift. 

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Clothes And Accessories For Music Producers 

Clothing items and accessories that are related to music production will always make a good gift. The key here is to know what the person is familiar with and uses for their production process.

If they aren't much of an instrument player and use MIDI/digital instrumentation, you might not want to get them something with a piano or a guitar. It could be a hit or a miss. 

You want to focus on designs that include music symbols often associated with digital and live instrumentation for music producers.

As an example, music notes could work well as designs for instrumentalists and music producers. Designs that focus more on sound waves are also good for music producer gifts. 

Gadgets For Music Producers

Simple gadgets that all music producers could benefit from work well as a gift. Since you want to avoid major purchases like expensive digital plugins and equipment, you could focus on little gadgets that work well in a recording studio.

Many gadget gifts work great for music producers because they are super affordable and can be put to good use.

Gift Cards For Music Producers 

If you're really interested in the person you are getting the gift for receiving a specific and high-cost gift that they could really enjoy for their music career, but you don't want to impose on their choices, you could always go for a gift card from a popular retailer.

While gift cards can seem like an impersonal gift, a music producer would really appreciate a gift card to a music or audio store, or even something general enough like Walmart, Target, or one of my suggestions below. 

Guitar Center Gift Cards 

Guitar Center is one of the top retailers of music studio equipment worldwide. They are very reliable with online and local buying options for all of your music needs.

I find them to be a very reliable source with extremely helpful staff that can guide you along with your purchase if you’re unsure of what to buy. Buy a Guitar Center gift card here.  


SweetWater Gift Cards 

This is a company that takes all the great customer service from in-store Guitar Center workers and makes for a great online-only retailer that can provide you with music studio equipment for affordable prices.

They are well-known for their payment options that allow you to split payments over several months for high-priced equipment. Buy a Sweetwater gift card here.  

Amazon Gift Cards 

Amazon provides some of the best brand names in recording equipment and music production with faster delivery times than many sellers and resellers.

Amazon shopping for audio equipment especially comes in handy if you are an Amazon Prime member. Buy an Amazon gift card here

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Other Ideas For Music Producer Gifts


Music Production Platforms

Consider gifting a subscription to a popular music production platform or service. There are various platforms that offer access to a wide range of virtual instruments, sample libraries, and production tools.

Look for options like Splice, Loopcloud, or Native Instruments' Komplete, which provide a vast collection of sounds and tools that can enhance the music production process.

Organization and Ergonomic Accessories

Help your music producer friend create an organized and comfortable studio space with practical gifts. Consider items like cable management solutions, desk organizers, monitor stands, or ergonomic chairs.

These gifts not only improve the overall functionality and aesthetics of their studio but also contribute to their productivity and well-being during long hours of music production.

Music Production Books and Educational Resources

Expand their knowledge and skills with educational resources specifically tailored to music production.

Look for books, online courses, or video tutorials that cover various aspects of music production, such as mixing techniques, sound design, or composition.

You can also consider gifting them access to platforms like Udemy or MasterClass, where they can explore a wide range of courses taught by industry professionals.


Portable Music Production Tools

For music producers who are always on the go, portable music production tools can be a great gift.

Look for compact MIDI controllers, portable audio interfaces, or handheld synthesizers that can be easily carried and used in different environments.

These tools allow music producers to continue their creative process while traveling or working outside of their main studio setup.

Customized Studio Decor and Merchandise

Personalize their studio space with customized decor and merchandise. Consider getting them personalized wall art featuring their artist name or logo, custom-made studio signage, or branded merchandise like t-shirts, mugs, or stickers.

These items not only add a personal touch to their studio but also make them feel more connected to their music and brand identity.

Remember to consider the recipient's preferences and needs when selecting a gift.

Each music producer may have different interests and requirements, so tailoring the gift to their specific style and workflow will make it more meaningful and appreciated.

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