Where To Find Cool Guitar Picks Monday December 20 2021, 6:16 PM
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Where To Find Cool Guitar Picks

Buying Guitar Picks

Picks can come in a variety of different cool styles that can fit your creative aesthetic when it comes time to play! It's not hard to find a quality guitar pick, but do be sure to note that they come in a variety of sizes that you may want to switch around here and there depending on what you're playing. Thin picks work well if you're strumming chords, while medium or heavy picks can help you do better with slides, single-note picking, and pinch harmonics. 

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Cool Guitar Picks From Amazon 

Tips For Picking Your Guitar Pick 

  • Do note that the thicker your guitar pick is, the louder the sound will be. 
  • Plastic picks work pretty well, but nylon will last much longer. Some plastic picks break quickly. 
  • Experiment with holding your pick in different ways. Try between your index finger and your thumb, then try it out with two fingers and your thumb. See what feels best for you. 
  • Try to buy in bulk when you can! You don't want to have to keep running back and forth from the store for your guitar picks, especially if you play a lot. 
  • Beginner guitarists usually like to start with lightweight picks since they are flexible and don’t get tangled in your strings.

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