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A Music Bio Template To Inspire Your Own

How Do You Write A Music Bio?

Are you in need of some tips for creating your bio or a professional bio? Do you need an artist bio template that will help you to create your own? There are so many elements and factors that you want to be sure you're aware of when you're in the process of making a biography that will look as polished and appealing as possible for your music brand.

Most professionals advise artists to create a biography between 150 and 250 words, but the shorter, the better. People have short attention spans and don't want to read a full essay about you. No matter what your creative skill is, it's important to highlight a few details in your bio:

Where you're from - All biographies should include your hometown, state, and city in the early part of your biography. Allow your local readers to realize their connection to you!

What you've studied - Your bio can include a brief amount of information on your training and studying that is relevant to your career path. (Don't go too far into this though, it can be boring to a person who doesn't know you.)

Your first introduction to your form of art - An intriguing biography shares the moment when the artist fell in love with their craft or profession. 

The fuel behind your passion - An effective biography gives you the motivation behind the artist's work ethic and the message behind their art. Everyone loves a good motivational line or two!

Your unique selling point - A good biography will highlight your unique style and what sets you apart from other artists creating something similar to what you create. Unlike press releases, biographies can be boastful and persuasive when using the right words!

Your influences and inspiration - It's a good idea to include people that influence and inspire your art form so that you can create an easy way for people to relate to your craft.

Your growth over the years - Try to show how much you've honed your craft and became a better artist over the course of your career. It's good to display how many exciting changes and stages you've been through on your journey.

Your achievements and awards - Show off a bit and let your reader know how talented you are by spotlighting your most prestigious awards and successes in your art form. Don't start listing too many awards though; you still want to keep your word count as low as possible.

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Tips on Creating Your Artist Bio

- Make the first line in your biography a sentence that will quickly grab the attention of any reader. Bios are boring. Be different and share what makes you interesting!

- Try not to write a bio that is too sales-like or is making unsubstantiated claims. Don't use fluffy adjectives to describe your own work like 'amazing' '#1' 'most praised' if you can't objectively back the statement up.

- Send your bio to at least 3 family members or friends to give you an outside opinion of your written work. If you can get a complete stranger to judge your bio without being subjective, even better!

- Try to create a variation of 2 or 3 bios while in your creation process.
You can use different bios for different occasions or combine your variations to create one great biography.

- Keep your biography regularly updated with your latest achievements and your overall vision changes, if any. Don't be the one sending out information from a biography that is 5 years old.

- Try to break your bio up into paragraphs. No one wants to read a long block of text. 

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New Artist Bio Sample

Below is an artist bio template that covers the topics mentioned above. Try to mimic the language, length, and appeal of this biography when coming up with your own version or different versions.

With over 3 released albums and 2 recent tours under her belt, Sasha Marie Carlson is an expert independent musician on the rise in the Folk world. Hailing from Austin, Texas, Sasha has studied under numerous big-name musical influences in her community while attending college at the University of Texas including Bonnie Joe Jiffy, Dr. Henry S. Frank, and acclaimed vocal coach John Sharp.

Although none of her family members were involved in music, Sasha had an ear and active passion for music after only a year or two of experiencing life. Ever since she was a toddler, Sasha's mother, Nadia, committed herself to give her music obsessed-child all the learning opportunities she could afford.

Over the years, Sasha developed her skills with vocal practice, guitar lessons, piano lessons, and even violin lessons for a short period of time. She began writing and performing in her preteens. After studying her quirky idol Tina Marie Smith, Sasha adopted a unique approach to her career by shaving her hair off and wearing beaded pants to assist with the rhythmic flavor for all of her performances.

Sasha has received numerous awards and acknowledgments including a Grammy nomination for her 2nd album in 2014, Texas Indie Artist Of The Year in 2016, and Breakout Talent of 2014 at the USP Unsigned Awards. She is currently working on an upcoming collaboration album with popular Folk Singer Bill Eccleston.


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