Diary of a One of Those Low-key R&B Singers Friday July 12 2019, 6:01 PM
Yona Marie
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Diary of a One of Those Low-key R&B Singers

Throughout the years, I've been an inconsistent r&b artist that pops up here and there on the internet. In 2008, you may have heard me on a Chris Brown Remix. In 2011, you might have seen my mixtape floating around Twitter (but never listened or clicked on it). In 2016, you might have heard my song on an EDM youtube channel or two. I'm here, there, and nowhere.

I've always and will forever have a knack for singing and listening to music, specifically urban music. Gospel, Jazz, R&B, Hip Hop, Reggae, Blues, I love it all. My latest obsession happens to be trap EDM and Future R&B. While I do make songs here and there, I've always had a problem with consistently making songs after I graduated college. It's almost like I did too much music when I was young and wrote hundreds of songs that no one will ever hear.

Now, when I sit to try and create a beat or write some lyrics for my next RnB music hit, I get some weird type of writer's block. The ideas come. Then I hate them. Then I change it. Then I hate it again. Then I stop. Repeat.

The things I come up with in my home studio probably aren't bad ideas and I truly wish I could just stick to something and release a full song idea without scratching it and starting over. I literally have 5 different versions of the same song right now stuck in my Garageband.

The good news is, I'm going to throw myself out of this rut, thanks to my newfound method of music marketing? I'm sure you're wondering what that could be, but I can't give up that secret sauce right now.

My current goal is to land a licensing deal on a hot show like Insecure or Grownish. I want my song playing on the credits.

Wish me luck!!

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