5 Ways Your Music Business Card Can Stand Out Friday August 27 2021, 9:15 PM
Yona Marie
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5 Ways Your Music Business Card Can Stand Out

Music Business Cards Are Not Obsolete

Digital marketing is all the rage these days, but that doesn't mean that in-person marketing for your music isn't important.

The gig scene is still kicking, even in a pandemic, and business cards being passed easily in a loud environment is a way better idea than trying to shout your band website to a stranger or uncomfortably ask for their phone for you to type your link. 

Music business cards can complement and even spotlight your digital marketing efforts, so don't count physical cards out just yet.

We may need to officially retire them in a few decades, depending on where technology takes us, but for now, use music business cards to your advantage! Here are five ways you can impress with your card. 

Creative Music Business Card Design

A common problem with many business cards across niches is that they look so boring. They are usually designs chosen from overused sites that give you affordable and easy-to-recognize symbols like music notes or a treble clef that looks like it was made in the era of clipart. 

In order to stand out, you have to have a cutting-edge and unique design on your business card that will make people forget that business cards are a more classic form of marketing. If the design you're considering is cheap and not custom-made, chances are it isn't good enough. 

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QR Code On Your Card

Keep up with the digital times by adding a QR code to your music business card. This is a great way to get a link to your connection's phone without intruding and maintaining professionalism.

Your QR code can lead to anything, but I recommend leading it to a site where you have full control, like your website, that can then lead to relevant links like your socials and streaming platforms (similar to a SmartLink).


Keep Your Music Business Card Simple

What should be on your music business card? To start, don't add too much. You don't need to have all your social media links, plus your number, address, and business name with the QR code.

Again, the QR code can link to more info, so keep the details on the actual card short and sweet. For example, add your name, your number, and the QR code to your band business card. 

Flash Drive With Music Preview

I've seen a cool idea on DiscMakers to have a flash drive built into a card to promote your music. As you can imagine, this can be a very pricey option, but depending on your budget and your marketing intent, it may be the perfect thing to try out!

This is something that many people aren't even aware is being done, so you can easily leave a lasting impression with something unique like this. My singer business card worked well when I went to music business conferences before the pandemic. 

Unique Texture Thickness On Your Card

Don't use the standard cut and gloss finish with which you see most business cards. While there's nothing wrong with having a standard width or glossy finish, there's nothing that stands out about it either.

When people get something new and unfamiliar in their hands, they won't be so inclined to lose it or forget about it. Here's an example of business cards with a unique texture that is also good for the environment!

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