Is Music Theory Hard? Here's The Truth Wednesday September 22 2021, 4:52 PM
Yona Marie
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Is Music Theory Hard? Here's The Truth

How Difficult Is Music Theory? 

Music theory can truly get tricky when it gets to the advanced stages.

You might have come across some music theory jargon and wondered, "What type of scientific and mathematic madness is this? What does it even have to do with the creativity involved in good music?"

The good thing about music theory is that learning the basics isn't that difficult.

Yes, there are levels to this type of theory, and there are genius nerds that will scare you, and they discuss some intense complexities that some would argue is way too technical and take away from the natural art of it all.

On the other hand, you may get into the basics of music theory and find yourself so curious and entertained by the theory that you will want to dive into the advanced courses slowly.

Or, like most people, you'll get the basics, get a better understanding of your craft, then be done with it!

Can I Learn Music Theory On My Own?

Unlike singing lessons, where you would benefit from immediate feedback on your unique voice and a trained ear, you will find it easier to learn music theory on your own if you start at the right point with the right material.

If you go the route of self-teaching, it will be beneficial to find books as well as video or audio aid to help you see, read, and hear the things you need to learn. 

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How Long Does It Take To Learn Music Theory? 

Learning the basics of music takes about eight months to a year if you're consistently studying and practicing with ear training, writing music, scales, and chords.

The concepts at the beginning are not necessarily hard, but they could seem like a challenge just because they are so foreign to you. Again, adding a visual and audio element to your learning will help you out a lot. 


Where To Find Music Theory For Beginners 

My first free and easy-to-follow resource for learning music was I used it in combination with courses taught in high school and college.

While it's a great resource, it is missing that personal touch of a speaker and singer that can help you learn and internalize the studying in a unique. But if you don't have a teacher, it's a great start.

Over the last few years on Youtube, several very helpful teachers have provided visual, audio, and written aid to mimic an in-school experience. And it's free!

I recommend learning the basics, and Youtubers are covering all those basics for you! Also, check out the link above, which has some really affordable music theory books for beginners that include audio and video guides. 

Are Music Theory Courses Worth It?

Music theory basics are very much worth learning if you are a singer or a songwriter. Learning more than the basics is very much worth it as well if you are an instrumentalist like a guitar player or a pianist. Suppose you are a producer or a composer.

Learning the basics, as well as advanced music theory, will do you some good if it doesn't make your head explode. I would say that basic music theory is a must if you are a producer or a composer.

The only music theory courses that are not worth it are simply the ones that aren't good. Luckily, there aren't many creators out here teaching terrible theory. 

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