Egg Carton Sound Proofing: Does It Really Work? Monday January 17 2022, 5:39 AM
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Egg Carton Sound Proofing: Does It Really Work?

Egg Cartons For Soundproofing Myth

Many people like to think that egg cartons can be an affordable way to soundproof your room for studio recordings. This common misconception will do no good for soundproofing your room!

While egg cartons are a cheap option, and you will notice a difference in the sound quality of your room once you put them up, you'll still be wasting a lot of time and energy by not using a far better and more affordable option for soundproofing.

Even worse, you'll risk something terrible happening with all of those egg cartons, which are often made of a dangerous mix of old recyclable paper and cardboard.

Sound Proofing Vs. Acoustic Treatment

When considering egg cartons for your soundproofing process, the first thing you should know is that there is a distinct difference between trying to soundproof your room and acoustically treating your room.

When you're soundproofing, you want to keep outside noises out. When you're getting an acoustic treatment done, you're trying to reduce noises like echo and reverb that are bouncing around in your room. 

Soundproofing and acoustic treatment are a great addition to a studio room where you record, but it's important not to confuse the two processes and the materials needed for both of these very different processes. 

Egg Cartons Vs. Acoustic Panels

Acoustic foam happens to be a product that can help you with soundproofing thanks to the density and design of the foam, but its main purpose is to decrease echo and reverb in a room. 

Egg cartons, like acoustic foam, can effectively cut down the echo and reverb in a room, but they will not do much for soundproofing your room. These cartons are made out of thin paper and cardboard material that will not absorb sounds effectively at all. 

A lot of people think that the way egg cartons are designed with holes for each egg, the holes can help capture and deaden sounds which will make it effective for soundproofing. Unfortunately, the shape of the carton isn't doing much good because of the weak material. 

In order to soundproof a room, you need the type of material that will not just help the sound bounce around the room less but will absorb sounds completely. Many things, including carpet, blankets, and even towels, can help absorb the sound in a room much better than egg cartons. 

Egg Carton Risks 

There are a few reasons egg cartons can do you much more harm than good when it comes to hanging them up on your walls to decrease some echo in your room. First things first, it's just ugly unless you're going above and beyond to style it in a visually appealing way!

More seriously, egg cartons are made from flammable materials that won't mix well with clumsy musicians. Picture you having fun with your music buddies in the studio, and your bass player flicks a cigarette or blunt accidentally in the direction of your "soundproofed" walls. 

Another danger is having an unclean carton in general. Salmonella and other risks are at play here if you have an egg leaking and didn't even notice.

Even worse, if this is a space where young kids are doing music, they touch everything and immediately put their hands in their mouths!

And lastly, you're considering them because they're cheap, right? Think about how temporary this solution will be for you in the long run. These things will break very easily and cause you to have to keep fixing your soundproofing with each tear. 

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Egg Carton Alternatives For Soundproofing

Soundproofing done really well can cause thousands of dollars, so I totally understand the need for cheap alternatives.

Fortunately, there are a few options that are affordable and will actually show you much better results for acoustic treating and soundproofing. 

Sound Absorption Blankets

Sound absorption blankets are a cheaper and way more effective way to soundproof your space with a material that will last you a long time. Installing blankets isn't as much of a headache as installing individual panels, either. 

Soundproof Curtains

If you're having trouble with a lot of sounds coming from the window in your room, consider buying a thick curtain with soundproofing capabilities. It's very similar to a sound absorption blanket but is designed to keep noises from seeping through your window. 

Sealers And Door Sweeps 

Door sweeps and weathering strips are the most affordable option for trying to lessen the noise that comes into your room. It's a simple and effective way to reduce noises from outside or even in other areas of your house.

It's also great for keeping out bugs and letting air or heat escape from your house, so these are more commonly referred to as weathering strips. 

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