How To Dance And Sing At The Same Time (9 Tips) Wednesday April 20 2022, 11:00 AM
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How To Dance And Sing At The Same Time (9 Tips)

How To Dance And Sing At The Same Time

Singing and dancing simultaneously is a rare art form that most people just don't have the talent for. Even some of your favorites opt to lip-sync instead of simultaneously taking on the challenge of singing and dancing.

It's a really hard thing to be able to learn the skill of singing or dancing on their own. Putting them together and doing both well? Especially the singing part with all of that movement? What a challenge.

Fortunately, it's hard but very possible to do. The key is to know that it is a journey and a process where you need to develop this skill over months, possibly years, before you get good at it.

You can't just wake up one day and think you'll be able to put together a good performance just because you can sing and dance separately. Here are some tips I want to share that will help your future performances.

Do A Body And Vocal Warmup

Don't skip out on your vocal and body warmups. You need to stretch your body for at least 15 minutes to avoid strain on your muscles.

This will be super necessary if you don't work out regularly. You also want to ensure that your vocals are in shape and that you aren't about to strain any muscles in your larynx.

Simple scales and breathing exercises will allow you to open up your vocal passages in a healthy manner. Do this each day before you practice singing and dancing simultaneously. 

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Know The Song Inside And Out

You want to make sure you know the music in and out. If there is a choreographed movement that you've already planned, make sure you know that inside out as well. Know the rhythmic flow and the melodic options you have for the song.

Know the lyrics and the overall message of the song in case something happens where you'll need to make slight adjustments. Know any possible adlibs in voice or in dance that would fit into the song in case you need more backup ideas.

Build Your Cardio Stamina

The part that may take the most time in this process will be building up your cardio stamina. If you're already a fit person who regularly puts in work at least five times a week into an activity like dancing, running, biking, or swimming, you're in luck!

If you're the type who does this every so often, you may need a month or so to get in optimal shape. It will take you a few months if you don't work out much at all. 

Cardio stamina will help you get through dancing and singing at the same time in a song without running out of breath or energy very quickly.

If you don't have stamina, you will feel like it's impossible to get through even half a song. Professional dancers will excel in this since they likely regularly engage in cardio. 


Work On Your Breath Control

Running out of breath is not limited to your cardio stamina only. As a singer, you must know the proper way to breathe and support your breath in order to get as much air to make it through your sung phrases as possible.

Practice taking deep breaths that fill your stomach and relax your shoulder area. Shallow breathing from your upper body will not get you far when it comes to singing and dancing at the same time. 

Practice Pitch Control While Exercising

A challenge you'll run into is your vocal pitch control. Your body movements will make it hard to sing notes that actually stay on the right note. As you move around, your notes will follow you.

You want your notes to stay centered while you move, which will take much practice. You will need to be able to keep your voice stable while your body is shaking or find the right moments to allow your body and voice to shake artfully at the same time. 

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Release Tension And Stiffness In Your Body 

Once you start singing and moving at the same time, you may find that your movements will become tense while you focus on your notes.

Conversely, you may notice that your voice performance may become boring while you focus on your movements. You'll need to practice being comfortable with simultaneously giving attention to both talents. 

The newness of this process will likely stiffen muscles in your body that allow you to dance and sing more freely. Take breaks to release that tension and shake your whole body. Shake your tongue and release mouth tension with a large sigh.

Don't feel bad if your body is giving you feelings of anxiety even if no one is around. You're putting it through a lot of new experiences that it has to adjust to! Let the music take over and relax you every so often. 


Don't Forget To Hydrate And Eat Well

Your success with this will largely depend on what you've been putting in your body. Make sure you bring plenty of water hours before trying to sing and dance simultaneously.

Avoid alcohol and caffeine, which could dry out your throat and add more strain to your singing. Avoid dairy and spicy food, which could also add phlegm to your voice and mess up your singing. 

Change Phrases For Better Breath 

Some songs are easy to do in a studio or a setting where you aren't dancing, but nearly impossible to do as a part of a full performance.

Don't be afraid to drop words here and there that you could do without in order to take breaths for more important parts of your song.

Encourage the audience to sing certain sections to help you build your stamina back for short periods of time. Change the rhythm of a section if it will help you catch your breath better. 

Put It All Together And Focus On Your Look 

As you grow in your ability to sing and dance a the same time, consider recording the process or getting in front of a mirror while you practice. You could also invite close friends or family members to watch and give feedback on your performance.

Are you giving confidence? Are you giving energy? Are your moves and dancing coming out pretty accurately?

Are your facial expressions reflecting the feelings of the song? See where you could use some improvement to make the overall look more authentic and entertaining. 

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