7 Ways To Find Local Community Choirs Near You Thursday April 21 2022, 10:00 PM
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7 Ways To Find Local Community Choirs Near You

Find Community Choirs Near You

Music is a vital part of almost all cultures, with millions of songs that bring enrichment and strengthen the bonds of people in a community setting. There are so many types of communities out there, with examples including religious, political, and locational communities that all incorporate music into their gatherings. Are you looking to join a local singing group and don't know where to start? Consider these tips to find a choir that's a great fit for your needs. 

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Google Community Choir + Your Location

One of the most effective ways of finding all the good community choirs in your area is to simply use Google. Many states and communities have unique websites that list opportunities local singers can be a part of. These independent and location-specific sites are way more likely to have updated and accurate content when compared to a site that tries to list all choirs in many different locations. 

Singers.com Groups By Location

I've seen many sites that try to list community choirs in many different areas, but I'd say that Singers.com does it the best, especially if you live in the US. With this site, you'll be able to find choirs by state and find results that will lead you to websites and social media sites where you can potentially connect to ensembles that are open to new members joining. The site is still a bit limited as it primarily focuses on acapella groups. 

Look Into Classifieds Sites For Choirs

A classified site like Craigslist may be able to point you in the right direction of a community choir near you. In the musician's section of each local craigslist page, you will be able to find opportunities that may include flyers and other advertisements from small choirs that are looking for new members. While you may get lucky with a deep search, it's not likely that you'll find a lot of choir posts that are consistently coming out on your recent results page. 

Check Churches In Your Area 

Are you looking to sing and be in a religious setting at the same time? Churches are a great place to start. Check out churches in your area, and you'll find that just about all of them have choirs that you can join and sing regularly with. Churches of all sizes and denominations make for a great amount of variety in the type of choir you can join. Are you not a religious person? You can still look into a church with a denomination like Unitarian Universalism, which has hundreds of churches that are very liberal communities that accept all types of faith. 

Try Social Media Search Engines And Posts

Google will show you the best results, but you may need to think outside the box and search on a platform like Youtube or Twitter to find announcements and posts about local community choirs. You'd be surprised what type of info can spread from a simple social media post from a friend or friend of a friend that is in your network. Consider putting out a post yourself to your friends telling them that you are on the hunt for a choir!

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Talk To Singers You Know

Don't limit your announcements of community choir searching to social media only. Ask your friends and family members who have a knack for singing or performing music. Many smaller community choirs heavily rely on word of mouth in order to gain new members and don't try to advertise on the internet too much. Talk to voice teachers and music conductors; they often know about many choirs in the area due to their network. 

Start Your Own Community Choir

If you're not in an area where many choirs are joining, or if you're looking to create a unique community choir experience that you haven't seen anyone in your area attempting to do, why not start your own community choir? The good thing about this type of choir is that there are no serious pressures and that all the people gathered are in it for fun and not for the money. You also don't need to have regular gigs coming all the time to be considered a community choir. Check with singers you know and see what they think about joining your group!

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