How To Find The Right Voice Lessons Near You Tuesday May 31 2022, 7:30 PM
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How To Find The Right Voice Lessons Near You

Finding Voice Lessons Near You

Many people and sites claim that they can connect you to a professional near you that is a perfect fit for your voice lesson needs.

There are almost too many ads when you do a simple google search, and many of the sites seem to want so much of your information before you even know if they've really got what you're looking for.

Are these sites legit? Do the voice lesson teachers on these sites actually know what they are doing?

There are usually three common ways to find a good voice lesson teacher near you. Each way has a few pros and cons that I want to help you to become aware of.

All three options can potentially give you the perfect teacher, but they each can also make your search process pretty difficult, depending on what you're looking for. Let's break it down to give you an idea of what may suit you best.

Find Lessons Via Word Of Mouth

If you barely want to use the internet for your needs, or you don't want to go with a complete stranger, you'll want to ask your friends and family group to find a contact that knows someone you know.

This way can help you skip past a bunch of fluff and people offering services that are way too expensive. Not to mention that word of mouth can get you a good deal if the person that is referring you has a decent relationship with the teacher. 

The downsides of the methods are that you may not be able to find a website, reviews, or any videos of the teacher in action.

These things could help you make a wise decision and often show up on sites that voice lesson teachers have signed up to in order to promote their business better.

Without these stats, you're relying on your referrer's opinion of the teacher, which could very well not be enough to go on. 

Find Lessons Through Business Directories

You can use businesses like Yellow Pages and Yelp to find voice lesson teachers near you. This method will link you to strangers, but can also provide you with a website link to get further details and may even include ratings from previous clients.

While it's a good sign to see a teacher with a Yelp or Yellow Page listing, some are not updated with recent details and may lead you to a broken link or a voice lesson teacher that is currently not working. 


Use 3rd Party Sites To Find Voice Lessons

Most voice lesson teachers can be found on a 3rd party site like Thumbtack or TakeLessons because of the aggressive marketing they do on Google. These sites are beneficial for linking you to voice teachers currently available and near you.

They can sometimes ask you for a lot at once, which can be a turnoff, but it's all because they have their automated systems collecting your info to try and find good matches based on your schedule, budget, etc. 

While these sites are helpful, they can be overwhelming when searching through the many people you can choose from.

They also tend to bit a bit more expensive than finding someone through word of mouth or a directory since these 3rd party companies take a percentage of the earnings for themselves, causing the voice lesson teachers to increase their prices to avoid losses. 

Consider Multiple Trial Sessions 

One thing that is great about the 3rd party sites is that a lot of them try to reel you in with a free trial lesson or a refund guarantee if you don't enjoy the first lesson as much as you thought you would and would not like to move on with that teacher.

This can also be proposed to people you have been connected to through word of mouth or through a directory.

While it can be a comfort to know that you can get a refund or a free first lesson, many voice lesson teachers will give you a good enough first lesson that you don't think you need this feature.

I suggest trying out 2-4 teachers to get a feel for who is the best out of the options. While they can all help you, you may find that that second or third trial teacher really works well with your learning style more in comparison to the others. 

Consider Voice Lesson Alternatives 

Finding a virtual voice teacher is a great choice for those who are learning to sing. It's a great choice if you find yourself unable to meet with a voice teacher in person.

Many teachers that offer in-person lessons near you are also able to give you online lessons. This is the best option for those who are living in an area that has limited access to voice teachers that they can choose.

You can find a virtual voice teacher through a service like TakeLessons. Sites like these sites allow you to find professionals online that are currently available for new clients. 

Finding a virtual voice teacher to provide you with a prerecorded training program is a solid choice for those who are learning to sing.

It's a great choice if you find yourself unable to afford a private voice teacher. It's also good for people who want to learn about singing on their own time without much commitment.

But a prerecorded virtual voice program can not get to know you personally and work with your individual needs, so you would still want to eventually find a teacher once you do get the budget or the time to do so. 

You can find a good voice lesson program through a service like Singorama. Programs like this allow you to find professionals online that are currently available for anyone. 

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