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Can You Learn To Sing At Any Age? Here’s The Truth

Can You Learn To Sing At Any Age?

A lot of people sell themselves short when it comes to their singing potential at certain ages. Older folks tend to doubt their singing abilities and say that’s it “too late” and “that ship has sailed,” but is there really an age limit on this skill?

And on the opposite end of things, parents are often eager to put their kids into music lessons, but at what age will they actually retain the teachings and make it worth it?

The answer is that there is likely an age that is too early to learn to sing, but there is no age that is too late. 

While there isn’t an age limit, it is wise to be aware of some drawbacks you may face as an adult or a senior attempting to learn the skill of singing. Let’s discuss some reasons why time can affect your ability to learn how to sing. 

Learning To Sing For Kids

While babies may not be prime candidates for voice lessons, some young kids may show potential for focus enough for singing lessons around the age of 6.

You’ll likely notice your child humming along to nursery rhymes long before then, but the trick with kids is getting them to pay attention for at least a 30-minute voice lesson. 

You also want to give their little brains time to develop the capacity to retain a lesson because young kids love music, but they may not be able to grow in their ear training and music theory journey.

The plus with teaching kids how to sing is that they soak up all of that knowledge like a sponge, and they don’t doubt or limit themselves like older people tend to do.

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Learning To Sing For Teens

Teaching older kids how to sing in the range of their teens is another great time to aim for, where knowledge is also soaked up very easily. 

Teens and preteens are also at the point where they start to develop their own unique voice and style, singing along to pop songs they hear on the radio and maybe even trying to create songs on their own.

Teaching a teenage boy how to sing may be a bit of a challenge because of how their voices go through changes at this age, and they often experience voice cracks, but it’s no problem and all a part of the learning process.

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Learning To Sing As A Young Adult

Learning the ropes of singing as a young adult can be very exciting and rewarding, but this is when the self-doubt really starts to creep in. This is especially true when you get to that point of, “Will singing pay the bills?”

Although life’s stresses come at this time in life, it’s worth noting that many classical voice teachers recommend really starting the advanced levels of singing training in your early 20s, because that’s when your vocal abilities really start to peak.

This advanced capacity of your vocals extends well into your adult age, and not enough people know about it!


Learning To Sing As An Adult 

Here’s where people really begin to doubt themselves when it comes to picking up a voice lesson class. It was easy to learn in grade school or college, but how will it fit into your schedule as an adult?

Time and energy provide the biggest hurdle here, but it is by no means too late to learn. You may not be able to retain things as easily as a kid, but with perseverance, there aren’t really any limitations.

A lot of people worry that singing is a young person’s game, but you can easily join a local choir, or you could be the star of the show like a teen! Who’s going to stop you? 

You may lose out on the chance to grow into a major pop star like Beyoncé, but most people aren’t going for that goal anywho.

And by the way, Beyoncé sounds amazing and is pushing vocal boundaries within her own work while in her 40s currently. 

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Learning To Sing As A Senior

Our beloved seniors tend to doubt themselves the most, but it is still not too late to sing at this age, even if you are starting from scratch.

Adults of all ages will just need a bit of patience going through the process compared to their younger counterparts, but everything can still be possible, just at a slower pace.

Older adults may find a bit more of a challenge when it comes to their musical ear with slightly slower brain processes and hard hearing, but I’ve sung in several adult choirs with older folks hitting the notes just as right as I do!


Older learners may just need to adjust their training to take time to learn the fundamentals, take songs at a slower pace (I don’t think older folks want to rap fast or anything), and go for larger fonts with sheet music and written instruction.

A huge benefit for this age group is that they are often retired with less of a hectic schedule without young kids to tend after, so there is a lot of free time to invest in this hobby and really dedicate themselves to getting better consistently. 

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So no matter what you've heard before, the idea that there is an age limit when it comes to learning how to sing is simply a lie.

While there may be an age that is too early for children to grasp the concepts and techniques of singing, there is no age that is too late for adults or seniors to embark on this musical journey.

For children, around the age of six is a good time to start introducing voice lessons, as they begin to show the ability to focus for longer periods.

However, their brains still need time to develop the capacity to retain the lessons and progress in ear training and music theory.

Teens and young adults are at a prime stage for learning to sing, as they are more receptive to new information and are often discovering their own unique voices and styles. Young adults, in particular, experience the peak of their vocal abilities during this time.

While adults may face minor learning challenges and self-doubt, it is never too late to pursue singing. Use that challenge to push yourself even further; it will be rewarding after you start to sound good in your journey!

With perseverance and dedication, there are no limitations. Joining a local choir or participating in community performances can provide a fulfilling outlet for singing.

So, no matter what age you are or what level of skill you are starting from, it's never too late to learn how to sing at the pace that is best for you. 

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