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12 Best Instruments For Kids To Learn Music

Best Instruments For Kids

Wondering how to introduce your kid to the magical world of music while exciting but not overwhelming them?

Showing kids the world of musical instruments can be a rewarding experience that enhances their cognitive development, creativity, and appreciation for music.

Here are 12 great instruments for kids to learn, considering factors like size, complexity, and appeal to young learners.

Keep in mind that the best instrument for a child to learn depends on their personal interests, physical abilities, and the resources available.

It's also important to provide proper guidance, support, and the opportunity to explore different instruments before making a decision.


The recorder, a basic wind instrument, is a staple in music education due to its affordability and simple mechanics.

Kids can quickly learn to create melodies by covering and uncovering the finger holes while blowing into the mouthpiece. It's an excellent entry point for understanding breath control and basic musical notation.


Handbells are small, handheld bells with clear, distinct tones. They are easy for kids to handle and offer an interactive way to explore melody and harmony.

Playing handbells individually or in an ensemble helps children understand musical structure, timing, and teamwork.

Their charming chime-like sounds make them engaging for children and provide a great introduction to the world of music.


The tambourine is a classic percussive instrument that kids can easily shake, tap, or strike to create rhythmic patterns and accents.

Its jingling sound adds texture to music and encourages kids to move to the beat. The easy nature of the tambourine makes it a popular choice for young children to develop a sense of rhythm while having fun.


These handheld shakers produce lively, rhythmic sounds. Their simplicity and immediate feedback make them an ideal instrument for introducing kids to rhythm and basic motor skills.

By holding and shaking the maracas, youngsters can experiment with various rhythms and learn how to create different types of sounds.

Maracas also encourage movement and coordination, making them a playful addition to musical activities.


The unique melodica combines keyboard and wind instrument features, making it a cool option for kids to learn basic melodies and explore musical expression.

By blowing air through the mouthpiece and pressing keys, children can produce sound, developing an understanding of breath control and keyboard layout.

Its compact size and user-friendly design make the melodica a versatile instrument for beginners to engage with music in a hands-on way.

Bongo Drums

Bongo drums are small, hand-played drums with distinct high and low pitches. Kids can learn about rhythm, coordination, and basic drumming techniques by striking the drumheads with their hands.

Playing bongos individually or with others allows children to experiment with different beats and patterns. The experience of drumming promotes motor skill development and encourages kids to feel the pulse of music.


The kazoo is a whimsical instrument that produces sound when hummed into. It's a playful way for kids to explore sound production, as their vocal vibrations create the distinct kazoo tone.

This simple instrument introduces young learners to the concept of resonance and encourages experimentation with different pitches and timbres.

The kazoo's novelty factor and easy playability make it a delightful addition to music-making activities.


This tube is filled with small beads or pellets that mimic the soothing sound of falling rain when tilted. Its calming sound and interactive nature captivate kids' auditory senses.

By controlling the angle and speed of movement, children can create a range of rain-like effects. Its gentle sound provides a sensory experience that can be both relaxing and engaging for young minds.

The rainmaker introduces kids to cause-and-effect relationships and encourages them to explore the auditory properties of different materials.


Relatively new to the world, boomwhackers are vibrantly colored tubes that produce musical notes when struck against surfaces or each other.

Their appearance and the instant gratification of making pleasant sounds make them perfect for young children.

Boomwhackers promote rhythm, teamwork, and creativity through group play, allowing kids to compose simple tunes and learn about pitch variations.

Slide Whistle

The slide whistle is a quirky instrument that produces amusing sliding sounds by adjusting its plunger. Kids can experiment with changing the pitch of the sound by moving the plunger in and out.

This hands-on approach to sound manipulation helps children understand basic principles of sound physics and pitch variation.

The slide whistle's playful nature encourages kids to explore how different actions affect the resulting sounds, fostering a sense of curiosity and creativity.

Percussion Sets

Sets like these typically include a variety of small instruments like tambourines, egg shakers, claves, and more.

They allow kids to explore a diverse range of sounds and textures, promoting rhythmic experimentation and coordination.

Children can learn about the role of percussion in music and develop an appreciation for different timbres and rhythms by playing these instruments individually or in a group setting.

Overall, percussion sets provide a great introduction to the world of percussion and rhythm, offering an interactive and dynamic musical experience.

Thumb Piano (Kalimba)

The thumb piano, also known as a kalimba or the mbira, is a handheld instrument featuring metal tines that produce melodic tones when plucked with the thumbs.

Its compact size and simple design make it an approachable instrument for kids to learn basic melodies and patterns.

By pressing down on different tines, children can create charming, resonant sounds that are pleasing to the ear. This piano introduces kids to the concept of pitch and encourages them to explore their musical creativity.

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