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What To Drink Before Singing

Best Drink For Your Singing Voice

First things first, you should drink water. Of course, we should drink water throughout the day to keep our bodies, especially vocal cords, nice and hydrated for all of the singing we're about to bless someone's ears with.

I'm sure you're looking for more advice than just "drink water", right? Here's one short tip when it comes to water: room temperature water is better than ice-cold water since the coldness can tense your vocal cords up! But besides that, below are a few recommendations and how they can help you sing in a more healthy manner than just with plain ol' water. 

Best Tea To Drink Before Singing

Tea is always a great choice when it comes to your throat and vocal health. Make sure the tea you're going to drink is decaffeinated since caffeine dehydrates you and will likely cause your throat to dry out. No one wants a dry throat while singing!


Honey is also an excellent addition to add to your tea that will promote smooth, hydrated vocals thanks to the many antioxidants, antibacterial properties, and lubricating consistency. Another great choice for tea is the popular Throat Coat flavor, often rich in medicinal properties that support proper throat health. 

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Honey, Lemon, And Water For Your Voice 

This is a winning combination for a few reasons. As I mentioned, you can't go wrong with the water, honey is from the vocal gods themselves, and when you add a bit of lemon into the mix, the acidic properties can help you clear out any phlegm you may have.

Be warned, overdoing the lemon can also cause your throat to get dry similar to the way caffeine would, so keep it light with that added portion of the mix, and you'll be fine. 

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What Not To Drink Before Singing

Here are a few things that you definitely want to avoid before that performance, recording, rehearsal, or lesson. 

Caffeine - As mentioned above, caffeinated drinks like coffee and green tea can dry out your throat. 

Alcohol - Liquid courage might give you more confidence to hit some of those high notes when you're singing, but it will definitely dry out your voice and likely make you hoarse super fast. Alcoholic beverages are definitely not what to drink before singing high notes or low notes. 

Dairy - Phlegm city. You will be clearing your throat like no one's business, and clearing your throat isn't actually good at all for your throat, ironically enough. Try dairy-free alternatives!


Chocolate - This also causes a bunch of phlegm in your throat. Not to mention the caffeine in chocolate, which will surely put your vocals through a weird roller coaster between phlegm and dry, depending on what note you sing. 

Spicy Food - Spicy foods are also known to cause phlegm in your throat. This is mostly due to the amount of oil usually found in them.

Why did I list the things NOT to drink? Well, there will always be those good singers out there that aren't always keen on following the rules of only drinking tea or a healthy water concoction :) Either way, it's good to know which drinks will cause what problems, at the very least.

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