6 Of The Best Teas For Singing Tuesday September 7 2021, 8:00 PM
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6 Of The Best Teas For Singing

Best Tea For A Singer's Throat Health

Throat health is a big deal when it comes to singing, especially for those who do it professionally for many hours a week. If you're a singer who wants to take care of your voice as best as possible, you've come to the right place.

First things first, yes, tea is healthy for us singers! The only downside to tea is that the caffeine found in common flavors can actually dry out your throat.

So my list below has six caffeine-free teas for you to choose from. Try one or try a few to have some variety in your life!

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Buddha's Herbs Premium THROAT RELAX Herbal Tea

This is a really good tea for combatting congestion and soreness when singing. The taste is pretty good, and you instantly feel its soothing powers, so I was a fan when I first tried it. You can add some honey to this if you don't really enjoy the taste that much. 

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Traditional Medicinals Organic Throat Coat Seasonal Tea

This is the first tea I ever tried for the sole purpose of soothing my throat for singing.

It's the tea I heard the most positive things about, and the people weren't wrong at all when they said that this tea is one of the best for singers. The taste is good and has a hint of licorice, and it really smells nice too!

Yogi Tea - Throat Comfort

This one reminds me of Traditional Medicinals, but it puts a new spin on the flavor that also tastes really pleasant. I like this flavor slightly better, actually. It's great for singing and for soothing your voice if you get sick with a cold or similar virus. 

Traditional Medicinals Seasonal Gypsy Cold Care

So this one is marketed as a tea for when you're sick, but it also does wonders for singing, especially on those days when you're feeling extra phlegmy and congested.

This is absolutely perfect if you're a singer who feels like a cold is coming on. I swear, a couple of times, I felt those pre-cold symptoms, drank this, and avoided the bug entirely like it was magic. 

Vocalzone Tea For Throat & Voice Care

This one reminds me a lot of the Throat Coat tea I mentioned above, but with a dash of lemon and less overall potency than the other flavors.

Sometimes I enjoy this because I'm not always in the mood for tea, but if I don't want my Throat Coat strong, I can just not let the tea bag soak as long. 

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Is Black Tea Good For Singers?

Black teas have caffeine in them, which will dry your voice out and complicate things if you are singing or speaking.

This is the same for green tea as well, which is often confused with caffeine-free tea. Some available green teas have been decaffeinated, though.

You can avoid the possible risk of drying your throat out by going for herbal tea or caffeine-free green tea. The teas I listed above are all herbal teas. Go for teas that have chamomile, ginger, or peppermint. 

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