Best Gifts For Singers - 10 Ideas For Presents Tuesday September 14 2021, 8:00 PM
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Best Gifts For Singers - 10 Ideas For Presents

What Do Musicians Want As Gifts?

As a singer, I'm a big fan of a simple yet thought-out gift that is related to music. I wouldn't want or expect anything too specific like a professional studio mic or speakers, since that's something I would put research into and take the time to discover the best brands myself. I wouldn't want anything too common or cheesy either, so it's all about finding a good middle ground. I would be very careful about artwork and decor, so while I do think it's a good idea if you know that person's taste and needs really well, I didn't include it on my list. Here are some gift ideas for singers that I recommend for you!

Apparel For Singers 


If you’re in need of a simple gift that still fits a singer’s taste, go for a t-shirt that any musician would appreciate. T-shirts like this one come in men, women, and children’s fits do they are pretty flexible for a gift. Inspirational quotes about singers make for great T-shirt designs! 

Gadgets For Singers


Gadgets in the music field can work well as gifts, especially for men. A lot of apparel and health gifts are more appealing to female singers, while guys would love to get something like a pen with music notes or something they can show off in their car. 

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Karaoke Mics 

Karaoke mics are great since singers won't be too picky when it comes to the best mic for having fun with their friends. Most people don't have karaoke mics at home, so it's a great gift idea for your friend or family member that loves to sing when everyone gathers for house parties. Most of these are mics that are under $100

Funny Gifts For Singers 

Funny Games 

Singers love a good game that involves music that they can play in a group with their family and friends. The only problem is, there aren't enough of these games out yet and they should be way more popular. This is a really good gift that would work well for a singer in your family or social group. You get a bonus if it's from a singer to a singer. 

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Funny Clothing And Jewelry 

Most funny singer-related gifts are closer to the cheesy side, but the person you're giving a gift to might be perfect for that type of thing and just love the cheese! It really depends on their personality, how well you know them, and how comfortable you are with them in terms of what will be appropriate. 

Funny Household Items 

The funny jokes work best when they're nerdy, inside jokes that only other singers and musicians will get. People love being on the inside of a joke! Many mugs and wine glasses have cheeky and hilarious quotes that a singer would very much enjoy if they have a sense of humor. 

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Healthy Gifts For Singers 

Throat Sprays

Singers can never have too much relief when it comes to their throat health. The more successful a singer is, the more products they need to refill that will keep their vocal pathways clear, hydrated, and refreshed for their performances. 


Most singers love a good cup of tea. Not only is tea delicious, but's extra refreshing and helpful for a singer's vocal cords. Us singers can never turn down tea, so it makes the perfect gift that is simple yet useful in a singer's lifestyle. Teas that don't have caffeine in them are the best option when it comes to gifting it to a signer since it can dry their voice out. 

Lung Exerciser 

Here's a unique type of gift that would be great for many singers, whether they are new to the game or professionals in the music world. Most singers don't have a nifty, helpful product like this and would never forget such a practical gift from anyone!

Personalized Gifts For Singers 

Customized Mugs

Customized gifts work well when you've found a gift that seems too general but would still be appreciated. You can personalize many gadgets and apparel like mugs, t-shirts, and jewelry. This works especially well for singers with unique names. A good idea would be to use their stage name if they have one. 


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