How To Get Discovered As A Singer Tuesday August 24 2021, 10:15 PM
Yona Marie
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How To Get Discovered As A Singer

How To Get Noticed As A Singer

Singing as a career can be tough. It seems like everyone sings these days, and with social media, it seems like we all have a platform. The competition is pretty thick, so you have to go above and beyond to get noticed and discovered above the sea of singers.

Have A Unique Edge

Before I get to the actionable tips, I want to point out that many singers have a unique edge which should also be the foundation of your attempts at fame. What sets you apart? What is your story and why should anyone want to pay attention?

Take the time to craft your brand and your story as a singer. The more people can learn about you and get to know you, the more they will connect to you. Be authentic and entertaining with your journey and you will find that people will cling to your art and become fans for a while, maybe even for life!

Hone Your Skills

The second point I want to point out before you really start to take action in getting discovered is that you must always be learning and growing in your craft. Before you worry about getting noticed, make sure your talent is even worth noticing.

You need to be practicing your singing skills weekly and even daily if you have the schedule for it. Practice can include performances, studying music theory, learning vocal techniques, and studying other singers that are successful. 

Post Covers On Social Media

Once you've found your unique edge and you're in the groove of consistently bettering your craft, it's time to start taking action to put yourself out there. The most common and very effective current way to put yourself out there as a singer is to publish covers on social media. 

The hot social media sites to put your covers on, for now, are Tik Tok, Youtube, Facebook, and Instagram. Youtube is at the top of the game, but they've been having a lot of pushback against artists lately with copyright takedowns that you may find tricky. 

Tik Tok has a growing trend of singers that are doing covers and fun singing exercises and going viral. Now is the perfect time to get in on this wave of music fun before it gets way too crowded. Instagram and Facebook are still good for posting covers too, but Tik Tok and Youtube are really outshining other sites. Twitter is also a good option for covers, but not the greatest. But who knows, you may get lucky! 

Sing At Family And Friends Events

Local singing for friends, family, and community connections is always a great way to gain experience and network in your area. If you're near a major city like New York, Atlanta, or DC, your chances of getting heard by the right people can skyrocket. 

The key to singing for events in your network is to make sure your friends and family can spread the word about your talents to their friends and family. The power here is in the word of mouth since your audience size won't be as large as it could be with something like the internet. 

Enter Singing Competitions 

Local and non-local competitions are always being held somewhere across the globe. Many of them can accept digital submissions. With a quick google search, see if there are any contests being held that you qualify for. Be careful about contests with high submissions fees and large prizes that may not be able to be backed up unless it's by an established company. 

Audition For Non-Local Gigs 

Many famous singers were first-session vocalists or background singers for famous artists. These types of behind-the-scenes singing gigs are a great way to network with people who are important in the industry. Many of these types of opportunities are marketed as contests and competitions, so a google search will also help you find gig auditions like these. 

Collaborate With Other Artists 

Sometimes you can be surrounded by talented singers and instrumentalists who can just elevate your status by being at the right place at the right time. Link up with the greats in your area and create songs, collaborate in videos on social media, throw music events, or even create your own tours with the fan bases combined being your audience. 

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