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Yona Marie
Singer, Songwriter, Producer.
How To Start A Singing Career The Right Way

How To Start A Singing Career

Embarking on a singing career is a thrilling yet demanding journey that requires a ton of planning, dedication, and persistence.

As a session singer, writer, and producer who has worked with over 300 clients to provide high-quality jingles, singles, features, nursery rhymes, and DJ drops, I live, eat, and breathe music.

I've been creating songs for over 15 years and have no intention of stopping any time soon. I sing anything that matches well with soul singing. That includes R&B, hip-hop, funk, house, jazz, and more.

Whether you dream of performing on stages or recording chart-topping hits, here are several things I think you should know before jumping into this career choice!

Hone Your Skills with Training and Courses

The best way to invest in your talent is by enrolling in music courses and private lessons. Learn about performance, composition, and vocal techniques. Continuous learning not only refines your skills but also keeps you adaptable in the ever-changing music industry.

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Study Music Theory and Ear Training

A strong foundation in music theory and ear training enhances your musicality. Understanding scales, chords, and harmonies allows you to create more intricate and appealing melodies.

Ear training sharpens your ability to recognize notes and tones, making it easier to learn songs and collaborate with other musicians.


Craft a Distinctive Brand Identity

Your brand is your musical persona. Develop a unique visual style and logo that resonate with your genre and personality. Your brand should tell a story, connecting with fans on a personal level. Consistency in branding is key to building recognition.

Embrace Your Uniqueness

Identify what sets your singing apart—be it your vocal range, style, or genre fusion. Embrace your individuality and let it be the cornerstone of your brand. Authenticity attracts audiences and differentiates you from artists following trends.

Drop Bad Habits for Your Voice

Your voice is your instrument, so treat it with care. Identify and eliminate habits that strain or damage your vocal cords, such as smoking and excessive alcohol consumption.

Proper hydration and vocal warm-ups are essential routines. A healthy lifestyle positively impacts your vocal performance and overall stamina.


Study Successful Singers

Learn from the achievements of established singers in your genre. Analyze their journeys, work ethic, and dedication. Understand the strategies they employed to reach their current status. Draw inspiration from their stories to fuel your own aspirations.

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Find the Right Rehearsal Spot

Choose a rehearsal space that will allow you to sing your heart out with no problem. Look for places with good acoustics and a comfortable, inspiring environment that will allow you to focus entirely on your music.

Whether it’s a dedicated home studio or a rented rehearsal space, invest in creating a setting that nurtures your creativity.

Invest Wisely

Even a modest budget can make a significant difference. Allocate your resources wisely, focusing on essential aspects like quality equipment, studio time, and effective marketing. Explore funding options like grants and crowdfunding to supplement your budget.


Collaborate and Network

Collaborate with fellow musicians, producers, and songwriters.

These partnerships expose you to new audiences and creative ideas. Actively network at industry events and online platforms. Engage in meaningful conversations and collaborations to expand your reach.

Build Your Nerves and Confidence

Stage presence is as crucial as vocal talent. Practice performing in front of friends and family to ease stage fright. Embrace constructive criticism to grow thicker skin and improve your performance.

Visualization techniques can help you mentally prepare for gigs. Confidence comes from knowing your material and believing in your abilities—rehearse thoroughly and trust yourself on stage.

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Protect Your Work

Ensure your original compositions will be protected through copyright registration. Also, make sure you secure licenses for samples and covers you have planned to prevent legal issues.

When collaborating, use contracts to outline rights and royalties, preventing disputes in the future.


Constantly Improve Your Craft

The music industry is highly competitive, so continuous improvement is your key to staying relevant.

Attend workshops, seek feedback, and be open to experimentation. Explore new styles and technologies to enhance your creativity and broaden your skills.

Engage in Strategic Promotion

Promotion is as vital as your musical talent. Utilize social media, email marketing, and music platforms to showcase your work.

Consider professional help from trusted promoters (not scams!) for a wider reach. Develop a detailed marketing plan covering both online and offline strategies.

Build and Maintain Fan Relationships

Always remember to engage with your fans regularly through social media, newsletters, and live events. Keep them updated on your latest releases and upcoming shows. Your supporters are the foundation of your singing career—nurture these relationships!

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Yona Marie

As a session singer, writer, and producer that has worked with over 300 clients to provide high-quality jingles, singles, and features, Yona spends her time creating and marketing new music and helpful resources for creators. Check out Yona’s latest releases on her Spotify, her Youtube and share if you like it!

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