15 Music Rehearsal Space Ideas For Bands And Artists Sunday August 28 2022, 1:45 PM
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15 Music Rehearsal Space Ideas For Bands And Artists

Practice Space Locations 

Finding a space to practice with at least a bit of soundproofing can be tough, especially when it's not in your budget.

Many commercial spaces like offices and storage units offer rehearsal space for bands and musicians, but the prices will average around $20 an hour and add up as the months go by.

There are also limited hours and various other rules for commercial spaces where you'll be able to perform.

You may have some luck with getting creative and thinking outside the box when considering where you can practice your music without being interrupted or bothering someone else.

I want to share a few ideas that include some cheap and completely free options that may be available to you depending on your location and your connections. 

Rehearsal Studios

Your first bet would be to do a quick google search and see if there are locations near your that specifically offer rehearsal space to musicians.

Most of the time, these types of companies don't solely use their space for music rehearsals, but they dedicate some of their space and business to it. This is a good way to find a reliable and pretty affordable spot that will have the perks you need.

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Schools and Universities 

If you're a student, you may be in luck when it comes to rehearsal space. Check with people in charge of your school or university to see if there is any space that they would allow you and your friends to practice in.

Schools with music programs have spaces readily available, but don't just try to sneak in if you don't go there and take up the space that the actual students at the school need. 

Music Shops

Depending on your location and how good you are with networking and meeting new people, you may be able to get in cool with some workers at a music shop that won't mind you coming by when the store isn't too busy for you to rehearse some of your music.

You may be able to get away with this in crowded spaces, but it won't be easy to make it a consistent thing without making connections with people that work there.

You could also physically distribute your songs there if you play your cards right. You could even ask about advertising your socials and website!

Stores After-Hours

This is an idea where you'll definitely need to know someone to make it work. If you have a friend or family member that works in a store and can hook you up with a late-night warehouse location where you won't bother anyone, you have a great and free option for rehearsal space. 



While it's a tough sell to try to borrow someone's house or basement for rehearsal space, a garage may be a good idea if you are looking for a spot that won't bother others so much with the noise.

This option will not be fully soundproof, but it is a chance to separate yourself from your living quarters. 


This is another great idea for musicians that are well-connected. Small churches are especially good for rehearsal space since they often don't have much going on outside of service hours.

You may be able to get a slot and a room in a church without being charged at all. 

Community Centers

Community centers may or may not charge you, but they are also a great option depending on where you are and who you can network with.

Some community centers are far too busy for this to work out, but small towns may have community centers that will let you rehearse free of charge as well. 

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Sheds And Barns

Garages can help lessen the annoyances that may hit the ears of someone in the same house as a rehearsing band, but a shed or a barn can be an absolutely great place to play your music without bothering anyone.

The main downside to this is the lack of heating or AC; some days of the year wouldn't make much sense for rehearsing in a spot like this. 

Public Parks 

Some parks are right in the middle of a ton of noise from the vehicle and people walking by, but other parks are super secluded and in an open space that would be just as good as a soundproofed room.

Parks that have a ton of acres and allow people to come by on the weekdays for free can make the perfect spot to rehearse, depending on your needs.

If you don't have much to plug in, you'll be able to practice freely and with nature making your head space even clearer for the music. 

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Bars and nightlife spots can sometimes have openings during the weekday or in the early hours when they would be willing to lend a band or artist the space to practice their music.

You'll likely have to pay, but you may find some spots that would charge less than official rehearsal spots. You might get spotted and heard by a label A&R. 

Recording Studios

If the studio is very popular and always booked, this option may not work. But if it's a low-key studio that is in need of clients that aren't necessarily trying to record, a studio owner could also be willing to charge you less than an official rehearsal space business would. 

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This one may not seem like it fits on the list, but some libraries rent out their rooms just like a community center can.

You won't need to be quiet if you book a time that is outside of normal library hours! Very small spots may have workers that are willing to let you rehearse in a spot for free as well. 

Country Clubs

These types of venues are often very secluded and filled with private rooms that may be available for rent as rehearsal space for bands and musicians.

It may not be cheaper than a rehearsal space, but this is a good option for those locations that don't have rehearsal space businesses nearby. 

Family/Friend's House

The people you live with or near may not tolerate your loud music, but try to consider every friend or family member with a house that may be willing to let you use their space for a bit of cash. This works great for people who work all the time and are never home anywho. 

You could get a free rehearsal spot, or even better, someone who will pay you to play music in their home! 

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