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Best Time To Practice Singing

When Is The Best Time For You?

Everyone has a wide range of different experiences and opinions when it comes to the time of day when their voice is most prepared, but people often agree on the times your voice is the least prepared.

After we get past the agreed-upon wrong times mentioned below, It really boils down to your lifestyle choices and your range of voice when asking yourself the best time to practice singing. 

Is It Good To Practice Singing In The Morning? 

Practicing singing when you first get up isn't the best idea. Some people will claim that it's best to get up, warm your vocals up for around 15 minutes, then get straight to action with singing.

But most people agree that the voice is very raspy and tired in the first couple of hours of being awake, no matter how good your warm-up was.

I personally find that getting up and singing after a warm-up is very doable, and you can get away with it if you need to. But it's not really optimal.

On the plus side, you will find that your lower range comes out better, especially if you're a female looking to find some fullness in those low notes you can barely get out. 

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Singing Late At Night 

Singing late at night might not be a good idea either. Your voice can be fit and ready to go late at night, but your mind could be far from it depending on your schedule.


Singing for fun is great in the evenings, but if you're attempting to memorize lyrics or read music, you might want to avoid practicing an hour or two before bedtime. 

Many professional and celebrity singers book studio sessions after dark and find that their creativity peaks during the late-night hour, but I believe that most people's schedules would not benefit from practicing after midnight.

I also believe that it took some time for those pros' minds and bodies to be able to adjust to that sort of productivity late at night.

But I'll admit, I often do small vocal gigs after midnight, and I also firmly believe that songwriting creativity is at all-time highs late at night.  

Singing Close To A Meal 

Depending on what you eat, you may want to avoid singing close to or during the time you're eating or drinking.

Foods that have dairy can cause you to have a lot of phlegm, and clearing your throat over and over actually does a bit of damage in the long run.

Spicy foods are also likely to cause you to have phlegm and possible inflammation when attempting to practice your singing. 


If you do need to practice close to mealtime, just avoid dairy, spicy foods, fried foods, and anything heavy in oil because, you guessed it, it causes phlegm!

And if you do plan to indulge in any of these foods, try combating the problems with a tea-like Throat Coat or tea with honey in it. 

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Singing While Hurried Or Distracted

Depending on your lifestyle, it may be impossible to avoid, but try not to practice when you're rushed, distracted, or stressed out. The best technique for your body happens when you're relaxed and at ease.

You don't want to set a time for practicing right before you have to rush out and/or do something that distracts your or causes you stress when you think of it. 

For example, practicing singing on a lunch break in your car may not give you a relaxed enough environment to retain all of the progress you will make during that practice session.

On the other hand, singing on the way home in the car while the stress of the workday slowly fades is a better idea. 

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