Before And After Singing Lessons Monday June 21 2021, 12:00 AM
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Before And After Singing Lessons

Can Singing Lessons Make You Good?

Who doesn't love a good before and after video transformation? I want to share some great 'before and after' videos I came across while going down a very deep and dark Youtube hole. Sometimes I just get lost in cover videos, techniques, tips, concerts, voice crack videos, and other mess that is way too time-consuming. But this time, I stumbled into some dope videos that reminded me of how well singing lessons can truly work for a person.

A lot of people ask, "Can you really learn to sing with lessons if you don't have a good voice?" Well, as it turns out, most people have a good voice hidden deep down that can be improved upon with consistent practice and professional guidance. Take a look at the difference in the skill level that these singers recorded of themselves before and after lessons!

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Example #1: Adam Mishan

Adam is a prime example of a guy who started out with a "meh" type of vocal tone. Not bad, but not good. A lot of newbies sound like Adam or better when they make their random attempts to hit good notes. I started this video thinking, "Okay, Adam, you're cute, but you have a long way to go with these vocals honey!" 

Next thing you know, his tone is still a bit unpleasant, but his notes are getting more accurate. Then after that, he adds some nice vibrato to his tone. Then he starts getting confident with his visual presence and really getting into the performance aspect of music. Finally, he's hitting the high notes with much more ease! 

Example #2: Cami Petyn

Cami is one of those newbies with a nice voice but just didn't know what to do with it at first. Kind of like I was when I was around 12, loving music, full of energy and character, but just lacking that knowledge and practice when it comes to vocal pitch and professional technique. 

She goes from "you have some potential" to "take this record deal, woman!" in a year, thanks to her good natural tone. She also discovered a far more controlled and appealing vibrato! I'm sure she put a lot of time into it because it seems like something she was already super passionate about. Props to Cami! 

Example #3: Jenna @ Ramsey Voice Studio

What if you could see a before and after transformation just from one voice lesson? I know you're thinking, "that's pushing it," but with a professional like Matt Ramsey and another naturally good voice that just needs some work (similar to Cami), Jenna was able to get a lot of apparent positive change in her vocal abilities. 

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Ramsey helps her with some simple but very effective techniques like finding a good key for her range, having the confidence to free her voice and not suppress high notes, and having less vocal strain and breaks. Progress can come much quicker than you think! Jenna has a bright future ahead of her, especially if she continues to get ongoing lessons. 

Start Your Before And After Journey 

If you are here because you needed some extra convincing to take that leap and book some singing lessons, I hope this encourages you to push forward and follow through with it. Singing is a fantastic experience, whether you're trying to be a big star, a local talent, or just looking for a rewarding hobby. Singing makes you happy, calms your nerves, brings people together, and it's something you don't want to miss out on!

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