6 Must-Haves For Your Studio Session Tuesday February 8 2022, 3:40 AM
Yona Marie
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6 Must-Haves For Your Studio Session

Preparing For Your Studio Session

You've got your studio session set and marked on your calendar. You've got the funds set aside and even some extra money in case you want to stay for a few extra hours.

You've got the songs in mind that you want to record, and everybody who will need to be a part of the process is available. Are you ready to go? Not quite yet! Make sure you're keeping the following six things in mind for your upcoming studio session. 

Clear Knowledge Of The Engineer's Services 

Do you have access to a full list of the services that the studio will be providing you, or is it just a friend of a friend that will be telling you how things will go once you get there?

What DAW do they use? What equipment? Do they know what you used in your pre-recording process? Do you have a preferred sample rate? The more details you know beforehand, the better. 

Fully Practiced Songs

If you've got a lot of money to blow, it may not be a bad idea to go to the studio with loose musical ideas, scratch vocals, and good vibes to see where the zone takes you once you get there.

If you're like most independent artists, though, you don't have that type of luxury to be spending extra hundreds or thousands of dollars to stay in the studio longer than needed. Make sure you have practiced your songs forwards and backward if you want to be precise with your timing and budget. 

Outline Of Your Recording Process

It's one thing to know your songs, but make sure that you also have a rough idea of the order in which you want to do things.

You may need to go through your process much differently than you would in your home recording or rehearsal space. Try to find the best way to manage your time well without wasting hours and cash and get the greatest amount of energy from the people who are recording. 


Working Gear And Instruments 

If you're coming into the studio with instruments and gear, make sure you do most of the prep work before you get there since the process can eat away at your money and time in the studio.

Don't try and bring something last minute just because you think it would be a cool addition last minute if it's not something that you've practiced with. Remember, there's a difference between you being ready thanks to rehearsal and your instruments being ready thanks to rehearsal. 

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All Necessary Devices And Chargers

Make sure you have your external hard drive, cell phone, laptop, and any charger you may need. Don't assume that something will be at the studio, like an apple charger.

A little thing like that could mean that you don't have what you need to read your lyrics comfortably or communicate with the people you need to in a timely fashion during your session. It may be a good idea to bring a camera to document the process.  

A Fully Healthy You

A lot of people forget to take care of themselves because they focus on everything they need in terms of music only. Make sure you cover the basics, like a good meal, good exercise, and good sleep before your studio session.

Don't forget to be well-hydrated hours before you start! You might want to bring snacks and beverages (that don't have alcohol or caffeine, which can dry out your throat) along with you. Come with as much of a positive attitude and a stress-free mind as possible. 

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