How To Blow Up On TikTok - 11 Key Tips Saturday July 2 2022, 6:30 PM
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How To Blow Up On TikTok - 11 Key Tips

How To Blow Up On TikTok

It's not too late for you to get some shine and go viral on this popular platform. I say this mainly because of TikTok's current algorithm, which doesn't focus as much on follow count as you think it would.

Sure, people who already have tons of talent will get a lot of views since they have probably been working hard on their content for a while now. But with great content and a great approach, you could also blow up on the platform! 

Let's cover the basics first. You need to have a profile up and entertaining content! TikTok allows all types of niches that have the potential to go viral, including music, cooking, comedy skits, and so much more.

Know that it's easier said than done when it comes to making TikTok content! Start posting a lot to get practice in if you haven't begun so already.

You need to get through the process of awkwardness and find comfort over time in recording yourself if you're a newbie. Make sure you have high-quality visuals from a good camera!

Be Aware Of The Current Trends 

TikTok is all about trends in real time. Exploring the network and seeing what's trending for the day is always a good idea. You may be able to tap into the current trend with your talents and ride the wave of virality just because of good timing.

Don't try too hard to be trendy, though; make sure your content naturally matches the trend and is appealing to people browsing through it.  


Use Trending Music

While I say that you don't want to force it with the trends, you can easily make your video trending by including a trending sound that is often being used on popular TikTok posts.

You don't necessarily need to be doing a trending dance or anything to make use of a popular sound on TikTok.

Having a trendy song playing in the background that is somewhat relevant to your content has the potential to get your video trending. 

Be Consistent In Posting

Don't just think because your first few posts didn't do well, that your whole TikTok career is ruined. You want to take the time to make several posts daily or weekly until it becomes something like a habit that you have to do.

There will be days or weeks when you will not be motivated to do it at all, but you should still try to drag yourself through it.

You'll likely thank your past self for it when you have tons of content that gained a large following, even when you didn't feel like putting it up. 

Know Your Niche And Strengths 

It can be tempting to try your hand at a lot of different things when it comes to your talents, but try to focus on one thing or a few things that are closely related.

This will increase your chances of going viral because people who come across a post they really like from you expect to see more similar posts.

If they like a singing video of yours but click your page and find that you mostly do sports videos, you likely lose your chance at a follower. 

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Increase Your Completion Rate 

While TikTok's algorithms don't put that much weight on a follower count, they do consider the dwelling time, also known as the completion rate for your video.

This number refers to the percentage of the video that people watched. If your content isn't engaging throughout and most of the people who have watched it only watch the first few seconds, Tik Tik doesn't promote your content as much.

Make content that people want to see through all the way to the end! 

Encourage Engagement

TikTok's algorithm also likes to see a ton of engagement in the form of likes, comments, views, and shares.

Keep your engagement very high by including things like open-ended questions in your post or telling someone to share something that might be critical for a friend or family member to see.

Another idea is to get the viewer to tag a friend that the post relates to. Make people want to get involved with what you're posting. 

Keep Your Content On The Shorter Side

We all know that the world's attention span is getting shorter and shorter thanks to digital media. Don't think that this doesn't apply to you just because you have some talent.

People tend to like and share shorter things these days, so use that knowledge to your advantage. TikTok allows you to upload videos that are up to 3 minutes, but most of the content you see going viral is closer to 30 seconds. 


Do Collaborations With Other TikTokers

Collabs are very popular on this app, especially when it comes to the music niche. A sure way to get some views on your video is to collaborate with a popular TikToker who is encouraging it and use the proper hashtags to get viewers.

Of course, for this method, you want to be so talented that you stand out from the other people trying to do the same thing. 

Choose The Right Hashtags 

Don't forget to use the right hashtags when you're looking to follow a current trend. It is recommended to keep your hashtags to about 3-4 max so that you still have room to put some details in your description.

Choose the hashtag that best matches the trends wisely. Go for the trend variations that are getting the most attention at the moment! 

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Use The TikTok Tools 

A lot of newbies don't realize how much TikTok can do for you, even if you don't have video editing skills. This platform has built-in tools you don't want to miss out on.

You can use tools like the green-screen tool, the duet tool, adding texts, and even disappearing and cloning effects with some practice on their platform.

You don't need 3rd part tools for this! But if you want to get really fancy, there are other tools like Quik from GoPro that some really good TikTokers like to use for great visuals. 

Don't Forget Other Social Platforms

TikTok content has a habit of blowing up on other social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter all the time. Don't forget that you can get more engagement by cross-promoting on your other networks.

This is an easy way to get more eyes on your content across all channels! Combining this tip with the engagement tip will really help your posts go viral on more than one platform, all while your TikTok name is being advertised. 

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