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Music Hashtags - What Works And What Doesn't

Music Hashtags

As a singer posting content on social media, it's always good to throw relevant hashtags into your posts to increase engagement.

One major reason an increase in clicks and plays happens is that it helps your post stand out as people scroll through their feeds.

The important thing here is not to go overboard. There is also a group of social media users who like to browse content by hashtag and not just scroll through a feed of people who follow them. 

New Music Hashtags

When posting your new songs, you want to be sure to add hashtags like these:

#newmusic #newmusicvideo #newsong #newEP #newalbum #newCD #newclip #newtrack

It's a good idea to include your genre in the hashtag as well. For example:

#newrock #newhiphop #newrnbsingle #newjazz

You can also include other things like the year, the season, or the mood of the song to get people's attention. 

#newsummersingle #newalbum2021 #newbreakupanthem

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Song In Progress Hashtags 

Posting teasers of the songs you're working on is always a great method of posting new content. You'll want to include hashtags on these types of posts as well. Here are some ideas:

#inthestudio #songsnippet #newmusicpreview #newsongpreview #comingsoon #lyricsample 

When you're working on new songs and showcasing the process, other singers and musicians will be the min ones to take notice. You can try to get them involved with hashtags like these:

#lookingforcollabs #musicians #producers #songwriters #rappers #singers #musicislife #lifeofasinger 

Cover Song Hashtags 

If you're posting a cover, you won't want to miss out on the engagement opportunities that will come along with hashtagging the post.

Make sure to put the song title and the artist's name as a hashtag. This way, the people who love that song or artist will likely push play to hear you sing. 

#BeyonceCover #SingleLadiesCover #Beyonce #SingleLadies 

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Interview Hashtags 

If you're a singer posting some content from an interview or behind-the-scenes clip, try to focus your keywords on the most exciting part of your interview. Don't just put the tag #interview, many will find that boring. Think along the lines of the following:

#ExclusiveStory #MusicVideoDrama #ImFreakingOut #HowIGotSigned #DiddyHuggedMe #WhenIFellOffStage 


Photoshoot Hashtags 

Everyone is posting photos on social media, so make sure you're standing out as a singer when posting your photos so that you don't blend it with the rest of your feed. Try to put a spin on your post with these types of hashtags:

#SingerShoot #LifeOfASinger #ForMyEPK #PopArtist #SoulArtist #SupportIndieMusic #SupportIndieArtists 

What Hashtags To Avoid

Try to avoid hashtags that are too specific or too complicated for your fans and potential fans to understand. Some music lingo is way too detailed to work in hashtag format.

For example, you don't need to include the make and model of your mic preamp as a hashtag if you are looking to get the attention of general music fans.

Sure, other music nerds might see what you're referencing, but they will be such a small part of your target market that you don't want to focus too hard on the technicalities. 


In conclusion, hashtags are a powerful tool for any singer looking to increase their reach and engagement on social media. However, it's important to use them strategically and not go overboard.

By including relevant and popular hashtags like #newmusic or #cover, you can attract new fans who are interested in your genre or the specific song you're singing.

When posting teasers of your work-in-progress or behind-the-scenes clips, be sure to use hashtags that highlight the most exciting parts of your content, such as #ExclusiveStory or #MusicVideoDrama.

And when posting photos, use hashtags that showcase your brand and style, like #PopArtist or #SoulArtist.

But remember, it's also important to avoid using hashtags that are too specific or complicated for your target audience.

Stick to the hashtags that your fans and potential fans will understand and use to find new music. Using hashtags strategically can increase your visibility and reach a wider audience on social media.

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