Facebook For Musicians: 9 Tips For Visibility On Your Artist Page Thursday February 2 2023, 2:00 AM
Yona Marie
Singer, Songwriter, Producer.
Facebook For Musicians: 9 Tips For Visibility On Your Artist Page

Facebook Fan Page Marketing For Musicians 

Facebook fan pages are not one of the favorite spots that artists and musicians go to because of how complicated it can be to get visibility. But just because it’s complicated does not make it impossible.

While many musicians rarely post or simply ignore Facebook when it comes to their overall marketing plan, they may be leaving plays, likes, follows, and true fans behind by not thinking outside of the box.

Are you giving your visitors and fans what they want? Are you allowing yourself the chance to expand your audience and listeners?

A greatly constructed and managed fan page for an artist can do wonders in their career! Here are five tips you may want to think about when it comes to designing and maintaining your Facebook fan page.     

Fill It All Out   

We come across a lot of fan pages that have empty slots for a lot of good information, including their biography! Who wants to like an artist who won't even put up a bio on their fan page? 

Be sure to add as many social links and information about yourself as you can! This helps to strengthen your brand and increase your professionalism.  Also, be sure that your profile and header picture are really visually enticing and not empty.


Post Regularly

Your engagement will increase when you constantly deliver material to your timeline. It doesn't always have to be a new release or a huge project coming up. Sometimes musicians overthink it when it comes to topics to post that are related to their music career. 

You can post inspiration, past work, future goals, anything! If you increase your engagement on Facebook, you have a higher chance of getting your posts viewed by others.  

Don't Post Boringly   

Facebook is a tricky place. You have to kind of go with the flow in terms of finding what posts get the most engagement, depending on your audience. Usually, pictures and videos tend to stick out and get more impressions. Get creative and see what works for you! 

Also, don’t just auto-post things from other platforms and expect that people will interact with them. Facebook systems can tell when posts are linked from other platforms and will not give you much visibility or allow for many reactions from your audience of fans.    


Find A Music Player App   

Your Facebook page may be the first interaction that some people have with you, so why not give them access to your music on the spot!? Apps like MyBand, Spotify, and iLike are great for integrating a player onto your Facebook fan page.   

Keep An Important Pinned Post     

Facebook allows you to pin any post of your choice to the top of your page in order to highlight that post. Most likely, there is always a show, song, CD, or specific aspect of your career that you want to highlight more than anything at any given moment. 

Highlight away! Keep that upcoming tour or release at the top of your page and on everyone's mind so that they know what message you want to get to people the most at that time. 

Post Content That Can Go Viral

You’ll notice that many Facebook fan pages trend because they post audio and visual content that many people love to interact with and share on their pages. Try to find the most exciting trends going on in the music world and chime in with your page!


Get People To Follow You

Facebook will likely not show your newest people that sign up to your page as a fan, because so much stuff is constantly happening on our news feeds. 

Facebook’s ad platform will tempt you with paying for visibility to people who are already your fans but try to get your fans to go the extra mile by following your page as well so that your updates will likely appear on their feed since you’ve they’ve followed and liked the account.

Post Things That Won’t Lead People Away From Facebook

Facebook is somewhat of a nasty beast that doesn’t want you to ever leave its platform, so they reward the page owners that post content that will keep browsers on its platform.

If you’re posting links to Youtube and other video sites, Facebook will not prioritize your post and show it to the highest amount of your fans that they can. If you post your video to be uploaded onto Facebook’s video platform, they will increase your visibility. 

Consider An Autoresponse 

Facebook allows its page owners the option to send an automatic message to those that reach out to their page first. This can really come in handy if you don’t actually manage your Facebook that often yet don’t want to miss out on leads.

This can also come in handy if there are generally asked questions that you always get and want to be able to quickly someone in the right direction with their inquiry. 

Your auto-response can lead people to your site, more active social pages, your merch, your artist collaborations information, and so much more. 

Yona Marie

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