What Is Artistic Inspiration And How Do You Find It? Thursday March 9 2023, 7:45 AM
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What Is Artistic Inspiration And How Do You Find It?

What Is Artistic Inspiration?

While it may sound limited to visual art, experiencing artistic inspiration is the act of feeling a sudden burst of creativity in many fields, including music, visual arts, poetry, and fiction writing. 

Think of artistic inspiration as the exact opposite of having writer's block. When you are experiencing a bout of inspiration that is this intense, your art seems to just flow effortlessly from your brain.

What is that magic, where did it come from, and how can I get some more of it?

If you are looking to find that type of inspiration again, or have never felt it in the first place, let's try to get your creative juice flowing with a few of my tips below. 

Where It Came From In Ancient Times

Back in the times of ancient Greece, creatives believed that inspiration came from divine muses like Euterpe who inspired musicians and other creatives.

Some people believed that those close to them, often female figures like their wives, provided tons of inspiration for their art by simply being beautiful.

In Christian texts, inspiration comes from the Holy Spirit, which was detailed in the bible according to texts by Saint Paul. 

Psychologists like Freud argue that inspiration is something that is completely subconscious, while John Locke argued that it is not a random occurrence, but a sudden phenomenon of all the right ideas coming together at the right time. 

Long story short, all types of people believe that artistic inspiration can come from many different ways, and there is no one-size-fits-all solution for finding inspiration.

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Ways To Find Artistic Inspiration In Modern Times 

Personal Muses

If there is a loved one close to you that really just brings out your positive and creative vibes, don't be afraid to call them your muse.

Muses can still be a thing, and it doesn't even have to be just about physical beauty. Your muse can be a family member that really inspires you because of their own journey in life.

Personal muses pair really well with music inspiration when you are looking to write a song about love or loss that will really touch someone's heart. Without using someone you are close to for that realism, your song lyrics could seem hollow. 


I find that church music can really get me in a beautiful zone when it comes to my connection with God and my connection with music in general. If you're a religious person, try to connect to your most open and creative self through services and prayer.

Religious gatherings with other creatives can also be a great source of inspiration since you'll be surrounded by people just like you. When creatives get together, magic tends to happen!


Public Figures

Depending on your creative craft, you probably have tons of content you can consume from the most talented artists in your field through video, photo, and written works you can find online. 

Go beyond just studying their art and dive deep into their entire creative brand. What have they been through in their journey? What inspired them to create their most epic works?


Sometimes the best way to tap into your creativity is to just clear your mind of all the clutter from your thoughts and the environment around you. In many situations, you need to train yourself to have tunnel vision. 

Methods like mindfulness meditation can help you to clear your head from thoughts that won't boost your creativity and put you in a more creative space. 

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Have you seen how beautiful the world is in spite of all the craziness that is going on in it? The views that our planet can offer can be something like a muse that we all have access to.

I find that I am able to get a natural boost of creativity when I'm writing songs outside while in a nice scenic location in a park, by a body of water, or in my backyard. 

In addition to location, a bonus tip of mine is to add some outside exercise in the mix to get your endorphins going that can put you in a feel-good state and possibly boost your chances of reaching artistic creativity. 



Just like meditation can help get rid of outside thoughts that can get in the way of your creativity, affirmations can help put you into a more positive headspace if you find yourself feeling fear, doubt, anxiety, or depression. 

Before getting ready to be creative, take some time out to affirm yourself with words of confidence, self-love, and gratitude in order to give yourself a chance to be positively creative. 


You don't necessarily need to be doing hard drugs or psychedelics in order to use medication to your advantage.

Just like meditation and affirmations, your doctor may be able to help you with natural remedies and/or prescriptions that can help clear your head if you suffer from mental health issues. 

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Artistic inspiration is like a creative superpower that strikes in various artistic fields, from visual arts to music, poetry, and writing. It's that exhilarating moment when ideas flow effortlessly, fueling a burst of creativity.

You may be able to tap into your own ways of finding it which is something that others haven't even thought of before. As long as at work for you, then that is all that really matters (as long as you are ruining anything for anyone else of course).

Remember, artistic inspiration is personal and unique. Explore different avenues, experiment with techniques, and embrace what ignites your creative flame.

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