What To Wear To A Rap Concert - 9 Tips For Women Wednesday April 26 2023, 2:45 PM
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What To Wear To A Rap Concert - 9 Tips For Women

What To Wear To A Rap Concert 

Rap concerts are the types of places where you can see people dressing in all different types of ways, but they all know how to make their look comfortable. 

You may see a lot of people dressed down, and you may see a ton of people looking like they are actual performers with how attractive their fits are. 

We, women, have a variety of choices when it comes to rocking something cute and comfortable to wear when you're in a crowd of people, usually during a hot season.

You can dress down, you can go a little tomboy-ish, or you could look like a superstar and turn a lot of heads. 

Here are some recommendations I have for the girls out there that have an upcoming hip-hop concert they plan to attend. Keep in mind that your location and the weather will greatly influence your decision. 

Loose Clothes

For maximum comfort, you want to have loose-fitting clothing that won't stick to you if you're in a hot environment. Loose clothing will also make it comfortable for you to walk and move around, whereas tight clothing like leather may be annoying.

Loose clothes also happen to fit well within the hip-hop music culture, especially if you go back to the origins of hip-hop in the 80s and 90s, where baggy clothes were a big thing.

Depending on the weather and location, loose clothing along with oversized jackets, make for a nice look at a rap concert or festival. Pairing short and tight bottoms with a breathable top and loose jacket is a cute look. 


Leggings And Jeggings

Leggings and jeggings both prove to be really comfortable options for the ladies that have a concert coming up. It's a great way to show off some curves without being too much of a distraction if you pair them with a very short top. 

Jeggings are a way to get a little more fashionable with your outfit without having bottoms that are too bulky; while leggings usually come in simple designs, jeggings have many different patterns and design options that stand out. 

Comfortable Shoes

Comfy shoes are a must for many types of concerts for obvious reasons: no one wants to be standing and walking around in heels or ill-fitting shoes for a concert or a festival. 

Music concerts are a great time to pull out some stylish sneakers, and you want to go for the type that is optimal for walking or running so that your feet don't get sore. Cheap tennis shoes can be just as bad as heels, so go for quality. 

While flip-flops and flats can be comfortable and breathable, I don't recommend them for hip-hop concerts where other people can easily step on your toes by mistake or spill drinks on your feet as they move around. 

Boots may work depending on your location, but they are not as breathable and could actually get uncomfortable if you are standing for a while. 

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Short Bottoms


Girls love to pull out short shorts and skirts for rap concerts, which is always an excellent choice. This way, you can be comfortable and stylish at the same time by showing off your legs. 

Go for the short and baggy look if you want to pay homage to the creation era of hip-hop.

Guys can get in on this action, too, by opting for shorts instead of wearing pants. Many guys like to wear khaki shorts to rap concerts, which is a great choice for loose-fitting, comfortable material. 

Easy-To-Carry Bags

Big tote bags are good for some occasions, but concert-goers may want to go for tiny bags and purses so that they will be able to move around without bumping into everything or losing anything. 

Lightweight backpacks may prove to be a good idea if you are looking to carry heavier items that won't get in the way. 

Cross-body bags, sometimes called fanny packs, prove to be the best choice for carrying small items like your money and your phone. The only trick will be to find the style fanny packs! 


This is a small tip, but you do not want to forget your sunglasses when it comes to an outside music venue. Not only do shades look good, but it is critical to protect your vision when you're in the sun.

Many different styles and brands can work for the occasion, but make sure you get sunglasses that are actually protecting you with polarized protection against sun rays that can damage your eyes when you're outside for a long time. 

Black On Black On Black

Black clothing is something like a go-to for music lovers in a lot of different genres. Wearing nothing but the color black is dope. It's simple and effective. It's easy to find in your closet and throw on without worrying about how to color coordinate.

Many concert-goers also like wearing black or dark colors because it's a good way to hide sweat stains that may appear from the heat of the crowd.

You can also choose to wear mostly black with highlight colors to help your outfit have a nice accent color that stands out.

For example, many audience members like to have all black with a hint of red. Accent colors can be added to your accessories. 

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Denim Always Works

Just like black is a staple in American music concert culture, denim has the same effect when it comes to rocking a cute fit as an audience member.

Rap concerts are the type of shows you can go to as if you're going to the club at your best or if you're going to the mall in some regular clothes. Denim is comfortable to move around in and stylish at the same time for both genders. 

Denim shorts or a denim skirt are great options for going to a rap concert that is being thrown in the summer, early fall, or late spring. 

Hip Hop Merch

It's always an exciting idea to actually wear the merch of the rapper you are supporting when you go to their concert. You can also opt to wear clothing that promotes hip-hop in general. 

T-shirts are the most obvious choice, but wearing gear in the form of hats, bags, and hoodies also works well for concertgoers.

Heavier items like hoodies and jackets that have band merch designs will only work well in environments that aren't too hot and stuffy. Concerts, where you have a seat or are in an indoor area, are a great idea to wear thick merch clothing for. 

For merch, make sure you plan the look way in advance since a lot of custom merch takes time to arrive to you. While sites like Amazon may have merch that can come quickly if the act is very popular, most acts will need at least 5-7 days to arrive to you.  

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