Is Bass Easier To Learn Than The Guitar? Breaking Down Both Sides Saturday August 26 2023, 6:45 PM
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Is Bass Easier To Learn Than The Guitar? Breaking Down Both Sides

Is Bass Easier Than The Guitar? 

A lot of folks will automatically assume that the bass is easier than a regular guitar, but there are others who wouldn't agree!

While I personally feel like the bass can be easier for beginners in most instances, the question really depends on the individual's background, preferences, and goals.

Both instruments have their own unique challenges and learning curves, but objectively, the bass is probably easier to pick up from scratch. Here's why I think so!

Why Bass Can Be Easier

While the level of difficulty between playing bass guitar and regular guitar can be subjective and depends on individual preferences and experiences, loads of players find bass guitar to be comparatively easier for a few reasons:

Fewer Strings

Bass guitars typically have four strings, while regular guitars have six. Fewer strings can make it easier for beginners to navigate the instrument, as there's less complexity in terms of finger placement and fretting.

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Simpler Chord Structures

Bass guitar often involves playing single notes or simpler patterns as compared to the complex chord structures commonly found in regular guitar playing.

This can be more straightforward for beginners who are still developing their finger strength and coordination.

Rhythmic Foundation

Bass guitar primarily provides the rhythmic and harmonic foundation of a musical piece, focusing on groove and timing. This can be less daunting for beginners who are still building their understanding of rhythm and harmony.

Less Emphasis on Lead Playing

While bassists can certainly play intricate melodies and solos, the role of a bassist in many musical styles is primarily to support the rhythm section.

This means there might be less pressure on beginners to master lead-playing techniques early on.

Easier Transitions

Due to the simpler chord structures and focus on rhythm, some beginners find it easier to transition from bass guitar to regular guitar if they choose to do so later on.


Smoother Hand Stretching

Bass necks tend to be wider, which can lead to slightly easier hand stretching for beginners with larger fingers. This can help in comfortably reaching the frets without accidentally muting adjacent strings.

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When Bass Can Be More Challenging 

While bass guitar may be considered easier by some, there are also reasons why it can be more challenging compared to regular guitar for certain players:

Rhythmic Complexity

Bass guitar often has a more intricate rhythmic role, requiring precise timing and groove. Achieving a tight and consistent rhythm can be challenging, especially for beginners who are still developing their sense of timing.

Finger Strength and Endurance

Bass strings are typically thicker and require more finger strength to press down on the frets. This can be physically demanding and may require time to build up finger strength and endurance.

Fretboard Span

While wider fretboards can help with hand stretching, they can also pose a challenge for players with smaller hands. Reaching across the fretboard for certain stretches and positions can be more difficult.


Harmonic Complexity

While bassists provide harmonic foundation, they also need to be aware of the harmony and chord progressions in the music. This can be challenging for beginners who are still developing their understanding of music theory.


Remember that challenges in learning any instrument can be overcome with practice, dedication, and a willingness to learn.

Ultimately, the choice between playing bass guitar or regular guitar should be based on your musical preferences, goals, and the role you want to play within a musical group.

Many players find that their choice between bass guitar and regular guitar is based on the kind of music they love and the role they want to play within a musical ensemble.

And lastly, bass guitars tend to be slightly more affordable than regular guitars in general. But if you can, consider trying both instruments out to see which one resonates with you more!

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