Spotify's Major Changes To Their Royalty Model Coming in 2024 Thursday November 9 2023, 3:00 PM
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Spotify's Major Changes To Their Royalty Model Coming in 2024

The Impact of Spotify's New Minimum Play Count: What Artists Need to Know

Confirmed by Music Business Worldwide, Spotify revealed a significant change to its royalty model, which is set to roll out in Q1 2024.

The change that has people talking the most is the introduction of a minimum annual threshold for streams before any track starts generating royalties on the platform.

Spotify's new minimum play count requirement signifies a significant shift in the way artists earn royalties. Emerging artists, in particular, might find the new threshold daunting and a bit of a downer. However, this change shows the need for creative marketing strategies and collaboration.

This change is expected to shift $40 million from tracks below the threshold to those above it, potentially increasing the earnings for many artists.

What Is The Minimum Play Count?

Spotify's new minimum annual threshold for generating royalties is set at 1,000 plays per year. This means that a track must accumulate at least 1,000 streams annually to start earning royalties on the service.


At first, the rumor was that the minimum would be about 200 plays per song, but I had a feeling they would make it a bit more difficult than that, and I was right!

Building a strong online presence and connecting with influencers can significantly enhance the chances of meeting the 1,000-play requirement. 

While platforms like Apple Music and Amazon Music have different payment structures, they do not currently impose similar minimum play count requirements.

Why And How You Should Really Focus On Promotion

The good news is, with the new 1,000-play minimum, Spotify aims to reallocate tens of millions of dollars annually from tracks with fewer than 1,000 streams to those exceeding this threshold.

So, while many of us will lose out, those who really go hard with marketing and promotion will win.

By marketing and promotion, I mean legitimate, organic promotion and not fake number boosts and ghost promo playlists! 


While reaching 1,000 plays is crucial, the focus should remain on creating high-quality, engaging music that real fans have a chance to discover. Artists should invest time in honing their craft, producing tracks that resonate with listeners.

Quality music paired with effective promotion can lead to organic growth, increasing the likelihood of surpassing the minimum play count organically.

Securing placements on popular streaming playlists can significantly boost a track's play count. Artists should focus on creating music that aligns with the aesthetic of influential playlists in their genre.

Building relationships with playlist curators and submitting music for consideration can increase the chances of getting featured, exposing the music to a broader audience.

Relying solely on streaming royalties can be challenging, especially for independent artists.

Diversifying revenue streams, such as merchandise sales, live performances, and crowdfunding, can provide a stable income while artists work towards meeting the 1,000-play threshold.

Engaging with fans directly through platforms like Patreon can also create a supportive community willing to contribute to an artist's creative endeavors.

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