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10 Ways To Fight Back Against Headphone Hair

How To Fix Headphone Hair 

You're here because you know what it's like to get into the studio booth with your fresh hairstyle and dread the process of fixing your hair after the session.

Even worse, you may need to look good during the session for the people in the studio or if you're recording the process. You are suffering from the dreaded problem of having headphone hair.

Don't worry; you're not alone. Many men and women of all hair types get their style ruined by headphone hair. Not only do headphones mess up the way you've styled your hair, but they can leave you with dents that take a while to go away. 

1. Consider Neck-Band Headphones 

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Using behind-the-neck style headphones while recording can help lessen the effects of headphone hair.

Many styles can easily be ruined when the headphone band is directly on top of your hand, but you don't have to wear them like this to get good results in the studio.

2. Slightly Wet Your Hair After Recording 

After being subjected to headphone hair, wetting your hair can help your hair bounce back into place much quicker than if you didn't do anything.

Light lubrication on any type of hair allows it to form itself into a better look without needing too much coiffing after the studio

3. Wear A Hat With Your Headphones 

If you are not too worried about the style of your hair and more so want to avoid the dents, throwing a hat, bonnet, or scarf onto your hair is always an easy choice.

While a hat may give you a whole new problem with hat hair, a bonnet or scarf can help you maintain a protective style. 

4. Use Gel In Your Hair For Recording Days

Hair gel can hold your hairstyle in place if you don't want the headphone band to mess up your style too much. Hair gel in combination with a ponytail or pinup is a great way to keep your updo in place. 

5. Ponytail Or Pinup With Headphones 

If you want a simple fix and don't mind putting your hair up with a scrunchie or hair tie, a ponytail is a good idea for keeping your hair out of the way of the headphone band and vice-versa. Either having this style or a completely bald head is the easiest way to go! 

6. Adjust The Headphones Band Angle 

Depending on your hairstyle, you may benefit from adjusting the angle of the headphone band.

Some hairstyles are very busy up top but won't be affected by a band at a 45% angle, for example. Adjust the angle to see if you can find something comfortable and easy on your hairstyle. 

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7. Use High-Quality Earbud Headphones 

Earbuds can be another simple solution. There's a common misconception that earbuds don't work well for high-quality recording and mixing. Many new earbud releases have some amazing quality, thanks to the high-tech society we live in today.

8. Take Hair Care Breaks During Your Sessions

Resetting your headphone hair often during your process can help lessen the effects. You can fix your hair back to how you want during your breaks, but this can be annoying if you need to do it several times, depending on your preference. 

9. Put The Headphone Bar Under Your Chin

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Some headphone usage is quick and doesn't need to be the best optimized when it comes to comfort. If you're working on something quickly, you can opt to put the headband under your chin and closer to your neck instead of it touching your head at all. 

10. Loosen The Headband 

This is also a simple option that can work well if you're doing something quick in the studio.

Adjust your headband so that it doesn't touch your hair much at all in order to keep your style safe. This can cause a loose fit, so it won't work if you plan on moving around a lot while recording. 

Is Headphone Hair Permanent?

You won't have to worry about headphone hair lasting longer than a few hours. Similar to hat hair, the dents from headphones will naturally resolve themselves on their own.

If you don't have anywhere to go or anyone to look good for after you use your headphones, consider just letting your hair be. 

Do Headphones Cause Hair Loss?

People also spread the common misconception that hats and headphones can cause you to lose hair after repeated use over the years.

There is no evidence to back up either theory, so don't stress yourself out about it. If you suffer from extra dry hair, you may want to focus on remoisturizing after. 

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