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Ideas For Music Studio Lights

Best Lighting For Recording Studio

Setting the mood for creativity and expression is a very underrated factor in creating your music studio. It doesn't matter if the studio is at home or if it's it's a building. You don't want to miss the positive effects that warm lighting can give the performer

What Color Is Best For Lighting A Studio?

Blue lights are great for heightened focus and calmness during the recording process. Blue is known to give people the feeling of stability and also works great for studio pics. 

Red Lights can bring out intensity for emotionally heavy songs and dark lyrics. It gives us a feeling of passion. It can be a great color for rappers who want to portray a sense of aggression in a song or a singer who wants to let it all out on a heartbreak song. 

Warm White Lights work well on their own or in combination with accent colors like red or blue. Surprisingly enough, white can have an effect on your creativity as a recording artist in the studio as well. White gives a feeling of a blank slate and an exciting new start. 

Purple Lights work well in combination with a color like blue. Purple gives the feeling of success and power, but if overdone, it can also bring out feelings of frustration.  

Rainbow Lights are often used in studios and can be an easy way to express vibrance and fun energy in the studio. It also represents change and freedom and can bring out creativity and confidence. Multicolor lights really look great visually for video and photo content.

Pink Lights can also give a feeling of confidence and also works well for bringing out the femininity of a studio performer. Pink lighting blends well with blue or purple lighting for an extra calm or confident feeling. 

What Type Of Light Works Best For Lighting A Studio? 

LED lights are a favorite for studio professionals because they don't emit as much heat as more common lightbulbs. Studio sessions can get really hot, and the intense lights don't add much relief to the problem at all. LED lights also use less power and can be a great way to save money with your lighting. 

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Music Studio Lights Ideas 

Here are some ideas from Amazon that I would rock in my studio. A lot of these are way more affordable than you would imagine. Many color lights work well in combo with warm white lights, but the color without any white really gives an edgy look that I think I'll be doing in my new home studio design when I move. 

RGB Color Changing LED Lights

Studio LED Sign with Retro Vocal Mic Symbol

LED Nebula Lamp Ceiling Starlight

Prysm Color Changing Lamp

Govee LED Strip Lights

Northern Lights Star Projector

Led Flood Light 400W Equivalent

RGB Color Changing LED Floor Lamp +White Daylight

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