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Best In-Ear Monitors For Singers

Ear Monitors For Singing

Singing is tough to do if you can't hear yourself while performing. If you're singing and you can't hear the notes coming out, are you sure you're even hitting the right ones?

Chances are, you're not since you learned how to hit the right notes from being able to hear yourself hitting the right notes. This is where in-ear monitors come in handy and can help you hear what you need to hear to hit the right notes.

If you're a singer who would benefit from in-ear monitors, you will easily be able to find some quality brands that will only cost you around 100 bucks. If you go lower to around $50, don't expect your monitors to be perfect, but they will be a good start. 

Custom In-Ear Monitors

Shure SE215-CL Professional Sound Isolating Earphones

Shure SE215-CL Sound-isolating Earphones - Clear

  • ROAD-TESTED BY PRO MUSICIANS - The SE215 provides detailed sound with enhanced bass for personal listening or professional monitoring.
  • STRIKING FULL-RANGE SOUND from a single, vented balanced armature driver. Hear music the way it was meant to be heard.
  • CUSTOMIZED FIT - Includes three sizes (S, M, L) of the flex and black foam sleeves. Experiment with the size and style that creates the best fit for you.
  • SOUND ISOLATING TECHNOLOGY - Blocks up to 37 dB of noise to eliminate distractions. Enjoy the most immersive listening experience with a design that keeps earphones in and noise out during exercise or travel.
  • SECURE, OVER-THE-EAR DESIGN - Wireform fit ensures earphones stay in place and cables remain out of the way.
  • DURABLE REINFORCED CABLE - Allows for easy replacement or customization. Formable wire ensures secure placement, over-the-ear configuration keeps cables out of the way. MMCX Connector with lock-snap mechanism allows 360-degree rotation for comfortable fit.

The sound isolation on these babies makes it so that even non-musicians love to use these just for everyday use on the go. Shure is a very reliable brand in the music world that is known for its great mics, recording equipment, and live performance equipment. 

Pros: Comfortable and secure over-the-ear fit, really great noise cancellation

Cons: Bass is not that loud

BASN B-Master Triple Drivers in Ear Monitor

BASN Bmaster Triple Drivers in Ear Monitor Headphone with Two Detachable Cables Fit in Ear Suitable for Audio Engineer, Musician (Blue)

  • 【Great Sound Isolation】The iem headphones which use sound isolation technology prevents outside noise from interfering with your listening experience, and the in ear monitors allows for quiet volume listening while maintaining crisp detail, even while riding a motorcycle
  • 【HiFi Stereo Sound】This in-ear earbuds headphone monitor is full of low frequencies and rich in details; Sound characteristics are balanced, coherent up and down, good bass effect, clear midrange and beautiful treble
  • 【Comfortable & Secure Fit】After sampling thousands of different ear models, BASN have finally been able to come up with an IEM earphones with comfort that rivals those of custom models; This in-ear earbud is so comfortable and it will always stay in place perfectly while walking, running, and all sorts of other activities
  • 【Detachable Cables Design】The professional headphones allows easy replacement or customization; The MMCX connector can be rotated 360 degrees for a comfortable fit

BASN is another quality brand that sells in-ear monitors with the build quality and features to be used on stage, although they can also be used for everyday wear, just like the Shure monitors. Their sound isolation is great and almost rivals Shure. 

Pros: Great noise cancellation, affordable price

Cons: Not a great fit in comparison to higher-cost products

Sennheiser IE 40 PRO, Molded In-Ear Dynamic Monitors

Sennheiser IE 40 PRO, molded in ear dynamic monitors (Black)

  • Innovative, dynamic 10mm broadband transducer for warm, high-resolution sound
  • Reduces acoustic stress through precise, dissonance-free reproduction even at maximum sound levels
  •  Good fit and wearing comfort, thanks to ergonomic ear mold design with flat profile
  •  Replaceable cable, fit for stage use and with internal cable duct (patent pending), reliable connection and reinforced ear hook

Sennheiser has some good-quality in-ear monitors available with molded technology that helps them stay in place and fit your ear comfortably. Like the other styles, it is intended to be connected to a wireless transmitter as a monitor. As a headset, you just plug it into the earphone jack.

Pros: Comfort, affordable price

Cons: Only decent sound quality 

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Tips For Buying Earpieces For Singers


Invest in Custom-Fit Monitors

If you're a professional singer or perform frequently, consider getting custom-molded in-ear monitors. They provide a better fit, improved comfort, and enhanced sound quality compared to generic earphones.

Custom monitors are tailored specifically to your ears, ensuring optimal performance and minimizing the risk of them falling out during performances.

Experiment with Different Mixes

Take advantage of the flexibility of in-ear monitors by experimenting with different mixes during rehearsals and performances.

Work with your sound engineer to adjust the levels of instruments, vocals, and backing tracks to find the perfect balance that helps you deliver your best performance. Having control over your monitor mix can greatly improve your confidence and overall singing experience.

Prioritize Hearing Protection

While in-ear monitors can provide sound isolation and help you hear yourself clearly, it's essential to prioritize hearing protection. Set reasonable volume levels to prevent long-term hearing damage.

Use monitors with built-in sound filters, or consider adding additional earmuffs or earplugs to further protect your hearing, especially in loud performance environments.

Practice Proper Monitor Technique

Develop good habits when it comes to handling and wearing your in-ear monitors. Ensure the cables are securely connected and positioned without pulling or tugging on them.

Familiarize yourself with the controls and learn how to adjust the volume or switch between monitor mixes quickly and discreetly.

Proper technique and maintenance will prolong the lifespan of your monitors and prevent avoidable issues during performances.


Remember, in-ear monitors are a valuable tool for enhancing your singing performance, but they are just one piece of the puzzle. Practice regularly, focus on vocal technique, and seek professional guidance to improve your skills as a singer continuously.

Do In-Ear Monitors Help You Sing Better?

When a singer is wearing an in-ear monitor, that earpiece is directly giving them what they prefer to hear in their ear.

This can help you sing better as a singer because you can hear the key and rhythm of the song well enough to stay in tune with the music. It won't bring out any skills you don't already have in your arsenal. 

Most singers prefer to hear themselves, but they may also prefer to hear the piano feed, the background vocalists feed along with their feed, etc.

It's really up to the singer, but it often beats holding your ear when you can do as you please with a handy monitor doing the work for you. 

Why Do Some Singers Take Out Their Earpieces?

The earpiece could malfunction completely, or it could just not be loud enough, which would force the singer to hold it closer to their ear. It could be loose and about to fall out, also causing the singer to hold their ear.

This often happens with cheaper brands and is a huge reason why professionals prefer custom in-ear monitors.

While many things can go wrong with the monitor, these things don't happen most of the time, so don't worry too much about their faultiness if you do not require the best right now. 

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