Best In-Ear Monitors For Singers Friday October 8 2021, 7:12 PM
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Best In-Ear Monitors For Singers

In-Ear Monitors For Singers 

Singing is really hard to do if you can't hear yourself while performing. If you're singing and you can't hear the notes coming out, are you sure you're even hitting the right ones? Chances are, you're not, since you learned how to hit the right notes from being able to hear yourself hitting the right notes.

This is where in-ear monitors come in handy and can help you hear what you need to hear to hit the right notes. If you're a singer that would benefit from in-ear monitors, you will easily be able to some quality brands that will only cost you around 100 bucks. If you go lower to around $50, don't expect your monitors to be perfect, but they will be a good start. 

Custom In-Ear Monitors

Shure SE215-CL Professional Sound Isolating Earphones

The sound isolation on these babies makes it so that even non-musicians love to use these just for everyday use on the go. Shure is a very reliable brand in the music world that is known for its great mics, recording equipment, and live performance equipment. 

Pros: Comfortable and secure over-the-ear fit, really great noise cancellation

Cons: Bass is not that loud

BASN B-Master Triple Drivers in Ear Monitor

Basn is another quality brand that sells in-ear monitors with the build quality and features to be used on stage, although they can also be used as everyday wear just like the Shure monitors. Their sound isolation is great and almost rivals Shure. 

Pros: Great noise cancellation, affordable price

Cons: Not a great fit in comparison to higher-cost products

Sennheiser IE 40 PRO, Molded In-Ear Dynamic Monitors

Sennheiser has some good-quality in-ear monitors available with molded technology that helps them stay in place and fit your ear comfortably. Like the other styles, as a monitor, it is intended to be connected to a wireless transmitter. As a headset, you just plug it into the earphone jack.

Pros: Comfort, affordable price

Cons: Only decent sound quality 

Do In-Ear Monitors Help You Sing Better?

When a singer is wearing an in-ear monitor, that earpiece is directly giving them what they prefer to hear in their ear. This can help you sing better as a singer because you can hear the key and rhythm of the song well enough to stay in tune with the music. It won't bring out any skills you don't already have in your arsenal. 

Most singers prefer to hear themselves, but they may prefer to also hear the piano feed, or the background vocalists feed along with their feed, etc. It's really up to the singer, but it often beats holding your ear when you can do as you please with a handy monitor doing the work for you. 

Why Do Some Singers Take Out Their In-Ear Monitors?

The earpiece could malfunction completely, or it could just not be loud enough, which would force the singer to hold it closer to their ear. It could be loose and about to fall out, also causing the singer to hold their ear. This happens often with cheaper brands and is a huge reason why professionals prefer custom in-ear monitors.  While many things can go wrong with the monitor, most of the time these things don't happen, so don't worry too much about their faultiness if you're not in need of the best right now. 

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