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Best Vocal Amps For Singing

What Amps Are Best For Vocals?

Not all amplifiers are made equal. Some have pretty sucky audio quality, while others aren't a good fit for amping vocals in particular, due to the varying levels of EQ frequency boosts.

When looking for an amp as a singer, you want to make sure that the product you are buying will be a great fit for your vocals in order to bring out the best sound possible.

I put the recommendations in order from least to most recommended below. 

Can A Guitar Amp Be Used For Vocals?

Many guitar amplifiers also work well as vocal amplifiers, so don't be confused if you see a few products on my list that are labeled as guitar amps.

While guitar amplifiers work as a solution for mics, a higher-quality solution for your mic vocals would be to buy an entire sound system. 

Vocal Amps Vs. PAs 

PAs or sound systems are better than having a vocal or a guitar amp. An entire PA (which stands for public announcement) sound system is designed to amplify all types of instruments, including voice, guitar, and bass.

Sound systems consist of multiple speakers, also known as monitors, microphones, amplifiers, and related equipment. 


Monitors Vs. Amplifiers

While looking for vocal amps, you may also notice that monitors are listed as a solution. While the term is often used interchangeably, stage monitors are more like speakers, but they often happen to have amplifiers built into them.

Many products that are listed as monitors work great for vocal amps. This is not to be confused with in-ear monitors that specifically play what the musicians and singers need to hear in order to perform their best in a very loud environment. 

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Recommended Vocal Amplifiers

Behringer Eurolive B207MP3

  • Revolutionary Class-D amplifier technology: enormous power, incredible sonic performance and super-lightweight
  • Ultra-low noise Four-channel mixer with three band eq
  • High-performance mpThree player included to play audio files via usb stick
  • Revolutionary class d amplifier technology: enormous power, incredible sonic performance and super-lightweight

This monitor/speaker system has a clean output sound for vocals and guitars at an affordable price. It's loud, but not super loud, so it's more of a monitor than an amplifier.

If you don't need a huge boost for your vocals, this is a good pick. If you need a lot more power, consider one of the other picks below. 

BOSS Acoustic Singer Live LT Amp (ACS-LIVELT)

  • Enhance effect on mic channel for full, well-defined vocal tones
  • Delay/chorus effect on guitar channel, delay/echo effect on mic channel, and independent reverb on both channels
  • Phase switch and notch filter for fast feedback suppression
  • Tilt-back cabinet design for maximum sound projection
  • Aux input with level control for backing music
  • XLR DI jack and phones/recording output

Here's a good choice for a vocal amplifier that's listed as a guitar amplifier. It features dual channels that allow you to connect an acoustic/electric guitar and a vocal mic, with full EQ adjustment settings.

It also includes an "Enhance" function that mimics the sound of rich and crisp studio vocals in a live setting. It's a bit pricey but has so many other features for vocals that make it worth it, including echo and reverb delays. 

Cube Monitor 30w (each, carton of 4)

  • Ultra-versatile monitor for studio, stage, and more
  • Legendary Roland quality
  • Get great instrument and vocal tones with stereo sound and built-in effects: overdrive, chorus, delay and reverb
  • Truly portable amplification: fits in a briefcase and runs on batteries!

Here's a versatile monitor that simplifies traditional PA bundles into one reliable piece of equipment at a great price. It's lightweight and yet has a significant amount of power that can amplify vocals, guitar, and even drums in the right setting.

As expected, you can't use this to fill the room of a huge auditorium, but it works well for most live music settings with a super clean sound. 

Samson RSXM10A - 800W 2-Way Active Stage Monitor, Black

  • Lightweight Class D 2-way active stage monitor
  • 800 watts of output power
  • All-wood cabinet construction
  • Compact, coaxial design
  • 10" low frequency driver

It's often used in churches and local events that have a lot of singing in their programming. It's also lightweight and perfect for singers who are always on the go! 

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Tips For Buying A Vocal Amplifier 


Consider your specific vocal needs: Different vocalists have different requirements for amplification.

If you have a powerful voice and perform in larger venues, you may need a vocal amplifier with more power and coverage. However, if you mainly perform in smaller settings, a monitor or a compact amplifier could suffice.

Test the sound quality: Before making a purchase, try out the amplifiers or monitors to ensure they produce clear and accurate sound reproduction for vocals.

Pay attention to any unwanted distortion, feedback, or coloration that may affect the quality of your vocals.

Look for EQ control options: Vocals often benefit from specific EQ adjustments to enhance their tonal characteristics.

Seek amplifiers or monitors that offer versatile EQ controls, allowing you to tailor the sound to suit your voice and performance style.

Consider portability and durability: If you frequently travel or perform on the go, prioritize amplifiers or monitors that are lightweight and designed for portability.

Additionally, ensure they are built to withstand the rigors of touring or regular gigging to avoid equipment failures during performances.

Budget wisely: Set a budget range and consider the overall value for money. While it's important to invest in quality equipment, you don't necessarily have to break the bank.

Compare different options, read reviews, and seek recommendations from other vocalists to find a suitable amplifier or monitor that fits your budget and meets your needs.

By incorporating these tips, you can provide readers with more comprehensive information and guidance when selecting amplification options for vocals.

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