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How To Write A Jingle That's Effective

How To Write A Jingle For A Product

Creating an effective jingle for a brand is something that takes a good amount of thought, creativity, and time when you want it done the best way possible.

A jingle can take a business to never-before-seen heights, or it can be played and forgotten without mention again.

The best jingles get stuck in the heads of the people in your target market and keep your product or service in their minds so much that your sales will go way up over time. 

Whether you have a very small business or a large business, consider some of these steps when it comes to making your jingle.

If you are looking to cowrite the jingle or get it written by someone else, make sure they are factoring in the tips I've listed below in order to give you an amazing final product.

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Study The Business

The first step that you want to take your time with is the research process to learn everything you need to know about the business. You want to study the product, back story, audience, and even their competitors' jingles, if available.

The more you are in tune with the business and what it can do for its customers, the better the jingle will fit the brand.

If you don't have enough information about the business and its product, you risk having a jingle that doesn't fit the audience's style. 


Find The Best Genre and Tempo

Once you know what the audience wants from the business and the type of person that is in the target audience, you will then be able to brainstorm the genre and tempo that will fit the jingle best for the brand.

This is a very necessary step that can easily make or break the listeners' ability to connect with the jingle.

For example, if you are targeting teens today, you don't want to write a song that sounds like it was created in the 80s, no matter how good the idea you have in your head is in a general sense. 

Focus On Catchy Lyrics And Melody

After you've found the best style and tempo for the jingle, now is a good time to focus on the lyrics and the melody for the hook in your song.

If the business already has a slogan, this is a great time to find a melody line that goes well with the company name and the slogan.

If there is no slogan for the company yet, you can either create something like a slogan for the business or focus on the company name for your hook. 

After you have written the lyrics and melody for your hook, you can then add any other sections to your song. Some jingles only have the hook featured, but other jingles have a small verse, while others have the structure of a full song. 

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Add Instrumentation 

Hopefully, you have some really catchy lyrics with a melody that will get played on repeat by anyone who appreciates a good song. This is where you want to add some instrumentation to fill out the musical idea.

Simple or no instrumentation often works in jingles, with many being vocal-only or accompanied by light piano or guitar.

Other jingles have at least five instruments recorded to bring out the musical idea in the most effective way possible. 

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Record Jingle

Now that you have a rough idea of your song, you may need to hire singers and instrumentalists to make your idea come to life in a way that will sound professional.

Some styles of jingle don't need the best talents and really focus on the message and playfulness of the song, while others will require very talented musicians and a huge budget. 

How Long Should A Jingle Be?

Jingle lengths can widely depend on the niche and the medium in which it is being played.

Radio jingles are often short and can last a few seconds, while commercial jingles can be 30 seconds, and internet-only jingles can be up to an entire song.

Many companies hire jingle writers to write a whole song and then create one or more shortened versions of the song for multiple mediums. 


Where Can I Just Buy A Jingle?

If you realize that writing a jingle and finding musicians to record it is a bit out of your reach at the moment, you can always hire a jingle company to create a jingle for you.

I have been writing and recording jingles in styles including Pop, R&B, Dance, and Hip Hop for over five years and have many jingle demos that can be found on my Jingle Samples page.

If you like what you hear and would like to contact me for a quote, please visit my Jingle Service page and let me know how I can take your business to a whole new level! 

How Often Should You Change Jingles?

A good jingle is often redone and remixed while keeping the hook's same fundamental lyrics and melody. If your company is often changing jingles, that may just mean that you haven't found the one that really fits your brand perfectly. 

Who Owns The Rights To The Jingle?

Jingle rights can be negotiated any way two parties would like to.

Companies often claim rights to the song's publishing and sound recording royalties, while songwriters often opt to keep the creative rights and earn performance royalties when the song is played.

Some work-for-hire or buyout contracts give the company 100% of the song's rights, while other contracts allow the writer to collect all the royalties from the song in exchange for no upfront cost. It's really up to your agreement with the other party.

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