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Yona Marie
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How I Started My Jingle Writing Business

What Is A Jingle?

Jingle writing is the process of creating a short and catchy advertisement for a business in the form of a song.

Jingles often incorporate the company's name and slogan in a way that will get stuck in a listener's head and increase sales by encouraging buyers each time the song advertisement is played. 

The best jingles are a perfect fit for the target audience and allow the potential and current customers of the company to have warm and positive feelings toward the brand, inspiring brand loyalty over time. Yes, all of that can come from a good song!

My Inspiration For Writing Jingles 

I grew up in a family of singers and instrumentalists. My father always talked about his dream job of writing commercials and radio jingles for big companies and would often harmonize with the most popular ones we'd see on TV and even teach me the vocal parts. 

As I got older and learned a lot of musical skills from my family and formal training in school, I adopted my dad's dreams of becoming a jingle writer as well.

Growing up, one of my favorite TV shows called "The Jamie Foxx Show" starred the popular actor and often featured storylines about him getting hired to write jingles for an advertising agency.

At that point, I was completely sold on the idea and always said that I'd incorporate jingle creation into my future musical endeavors, at least for a few years. 


How I Got Started As A Jingle Writer

While most of my musical journey involves projects with other songwriters, bands, rappers, singers, producers, and instrumentalists, I did stick to my word about dedicating some time in my career to creating jingles for companies in need of a great musical advertisement. 

I honed my skills of singing first while gaining tons of experience and classical training in middle school, where I learned the basics of music theory and got lots of practice in performing. I continued my studies in high school and even began taking voice lessons.

This is also when I started my songwriting journey and began to create dozens of songs that fall into the genres of R&B, soul, gospel, pop, and dance. 

In college, I decided to mix some business into my skill set and got a degree in Music Business with a concentration in marketing. Here I sharpened my advertising skills and learned the ropes when it comes to the psychology of sales.

All the while, I was still creating music and releasing songs as an independent artist. I also took a few audio production courses in the latter part of my college career that allowed me to gain skills in the instrumentation side of songwriting. 


Jingles require a good marketer, lyric writer, melody writer, singer, and instrumental producer. I was blessed to be able to train and increase my skills in each category over the last ten years! 

My first few sales of jingles were thanks to freelance sites where I was able to respond to job postings where tiny businesses are in need of a service.

I was able to put in my application to dozens of companies on these sites, and I was able to secure a few deals with some amazing brands, including Curvy Girl Dolls and Teddy's Terrific Adventures. 

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My Jingle Examples 

I've created over 100 jingles in my career thus far and plan to do many more before I get full-blown famous and no longer have the time!

If you'd like to hear some of my previous work, please feel free to browse my Jingle Samples page, where you'll find work from the year 2021. 

Today, many great jingle companies give you the classic 90s rock feel where jingles really hit their prime in media, but small businesses are now often looking for modern styles that include hip hop, R&B, and dance.

This is where I come in with my urban expertise, as I like to call it. If you've checked out my samples and would like to get a quote for your brand, please get in touch with me on my Jingles Page!

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