Tip Jar Sayings That Can Increase Your Earnings Saturday January 15 2022, 3:00 AM
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Tip Jar Sayings That Can Increase Your Earnings

Have A Good Tip Jar Saying

A good tip jar saying can be a great way to grab your audience's attention and increase your earnings. You don't want to miss out on the possibilities by having a tip jar that is simply labeled "Tips" or not even labeled at all.

Your first chance to impress them is with your talents. Your bonus chance to really win them over is with a very appealing tip jar!

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Any great saying will bring you positive results, but you want to consider your approach when choosing the label you will pick for your tip jar. Will you take a funny approach? Are you looking to pull at someone's heartstrings? Are you trying to be relatable?

Your audience and location will be two significant factors when deciding the approach you want to take. You also want to think about the talent you're displaying and who you are as a person.

How far are you willing to go to catch someone's eye? Is it appropriate? Consider trying several different types of tip jar sayings to see what will work for you in particular.

Check out some of the tips jar sayings below and see if it brings you some inspiration!

Funny Tip Jar Sayings


Feeling Tipsy?

On a Scale From $1 – $10 How Hot Are You?

Money Is The Root Of All Evil. Cleanse Yourself. 

I Can Only Swim In Money, Don't Let Me Die! (place a toy fish inside the jar) 

Keep Me Off The Pole!

Even The Titanic Tipped.

Afraid Of Change? Leave It Here!

I'm Like Obama I Want Change 

Emotional Tip Jar Sayings

Feel Better Jar 

Please Help (along with your situation)

Shaming Tip Jar 

Even A Smile Can Help

Anything Helps 

Tired And Broke 

Cute Tip Jar Sayings


Wishing Well. Make A Wish! (fill the jar with water)

Win The Nobel Prize For Tipping!

Karma Jar

Tips Are Like Hugs Without All The Touching 

Phil The Tip Jar 

Drop It Like It's Hot 

Relatable Tip Jar Sayings

Thank You Doesn't Pay The Bills!

Trickle Down Economy Bin

Please Tip, My Boss Is Cheap!

College Savings

Who's a Better Tipper, Women OR Men? (have two jars)

Emergency Fund

Student Loan Repayment Assistance 

Nerdy Tip Jar Sayings


Marvel vs. DC (have two jars)

Evil Sith Lord Killed My Father! Need Money For New Light Saber. 

Gotta Catch Em All

Help Send My Cat To Nina School! 

Harry Potter And The Chamber Of Wee Tips 

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