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Tip Jar Ideas For Musicians

Creative Tip Jar Ideas

Singing live and asking for tips can be an exciting idea, but you'll soon after learn the harsh reality that the tips you'll receive won't be as high as you originally had hoped.

Getting people to tip you without actively yelling "please tip me!" while you perform is a bit of an art form and a process of trial and error.

How will you wow the audience enough to leave a tip? How do you encourage them to give even larger tips? Check out some of my tips below and consider trying them out the next time you're performing. 

Give Your Audience Something In Return

A great way to get people to tip and give you larger amounts than some change is to offer something in return for their tip.

This could be a business card where you have a link to a free song; it could be a shout-out in the next song where you'll sing their name on the hook, or you could give them something small and thoughtful like a sticker or a piece of candy.

All relationships benefit from an exchange of benefits, and there's no difference when you sing in front of an audience and ask to be tipped! 

Perform A Song About Tipping

While it may seem awkward or dull to simply as for tips between your song, it's a fun thought to create a little song about tipping that will get people listening and pull them close to your tip jar.

Throw in a few jokes, get a catchy chorus going, and you'll be surprised how many people will open up to the idea of leaving you a nice tip. The trick here is to sound really good and be very friendly! 

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Use A Glass Or Plastic Tip Jar

While most people use a jar, some people are still trying unique ways that may be doing more harm than good. Setting out your guitar case to be used as a tip jar doesn't inspire people to leave money as well as a tip jar would.

Having a bucket that isn't transparent makes it hard to see what exactly you're trying to put in that bucket. Is it tips? Is that your accessories bucket? Some people's eyes may not be drawn to it as well as they would to a glass or plastic jar. 


Add Clever Saying To Your Tip Jar

To make your jar stand out, even more, consider adding a side with a funny saying that will get people interested in you and possibly tip you.

Showing personality with funny tip jar sayings can make a huge difference in the number of tips you'll take home that night, and you won't even have to say or sing a thing about it!

I've seen signs saying things like "Are You Feeling TIP$Y?" and "Tip the Musicians, But Don't Knock Them Over!".

Not only do funny signs work well for receiving tips, but something to grab their attention and hearts like "college fund" if you're a young musician is the way to go. 

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Link A Virtual Tip Jar

Linking your live event with a digital resource like Cashapp or Paypal is always a great way to go in our modern age.

Many people just don't have cash on them, but simply writing your Cash App name on your jar or even getting fancy with a QR code that will link to your site where people can donate through platforms will work.

Companies like Buy Me A Coffee, Facebook Pay, or the previous services I mentioned may work well for your live performances. 


Offer Something Exclusive

In addition to providing something small in return for tips, consider offering exclusive content or merchandise to your audience.

This could include a downloadable song, a digital album, or even a limited edition t-shirt or poster. By giving your audience something unique and special, you create a sense of value and incentive for them to contribute larger tips.

Engage with Your Audience

Interacting with your audience during your performance can make a significant impact on their willingness to tip. Engage with them between songs, share stories or anecdotes, and make them feel like they're a part of the experience.

By building a connection and making your performance more personal, you create a stronger bond with your audience, which can translate into more generous tips.

    Remember, finding the right combination of strategies may require some experimentation and adaptation to your specific audience and performance style. Good luck!

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